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Michigan Prosecutors File Charges Against Parents of 15-Year-Old Suspected School Shooter

A Michigan prosecutor has filed charges of involuntary manslaughter against the parents of the 15-year-old Oxford High School shooting suspect, Ethan Crumbley.

The parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in Tuesday’s shooting — which left four dead and seven injured.

Ethan Crumbley was charged as an adult on Wednesday. He is facing charges that include murder, terrorism and other crimes.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald has said that the actions of the parents were “far beyond negligence” in this case.

The troubled teen’s father had purchased the 9mm Sig Sauer SP 2022 gun, that was later used in the massacre, four days before the shooting, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said during a press briefing.

“There is an additional piece of evidence that hasn’t been released yet, but I can assure you … it was troubling, it was disturbing, and unfortunately, he was allowed to go back to class,” McDonald said Wednesday during an interview with WDIV-TV.

“The only people who knew that there was a threat and an access to a gun did not work at that school,” McDonald added. He also noted that the weapon that was used “seems to have been just freely available” to the teenager.

The student had been flagged twice by school staff. His parents were actually at the school on the morning of the attack to meet with their son and school personnel over concerns about his behavior.

The students who died at the scene or in the hospital while being treated for their injuries are Tate Myre, 16, Hana St. Juliana, 14, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, and Justin Shilling, 17.

Tim Throne, superintendent of Oxford Community Schools, addressed community members in a video that was posted on Thursday.

“There’s just been a lot of talk about the student that was apprehended, that he was called up to the office and all that kind of stuff,” Throne said in the 12-minute video. “No discipline was warranted. There are no discipline records at the high school. Yes, this student did have contact with our front office. And yes, his parents were on campus.”

Thorne said that he could not elaborate further.

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4 responses to “Michigan Prosecutors File Charges Against Parents of 15-Year-Old Suspected School Shooter”

  1. Devilsgun says:

    People can’t keep being ‘half-assed’ parents who have kids just to be accessories for their Barbie Doll Lifestyles, like the Boomers did… You can’t just pop out a kid for the LOLs, fob them off on the public school system with its systemic impotence and idiocy because ‘you’re busy living your own life’, and expect those kids not to be heavily damaged by your slack parenting and the prison-indoctrination system’s bullshit.

    If these parents had done a few simple, easy to do, minor things this shit would have probably not have happened and everyone else’s Rights would not be threatened by the vile Dem’s virtue posturing bullshit, but it was all about *them*, which is pretty standard for slacker baby mill parents… Hell, even a cheap gun safe to limit psycho boy’s access to the gun would have made a huge difference, but noooooo now once again the fucking Democunts are talking their gun control shit again (with a seriously toxic Bumbles Occupational Administration at their backs) so yeah, those fucking morons might have had an extra $200 or so in their wallets for their dumb shit but now WE have potential big troubles for 2A recognition… And NO, the gun is not at fault whatsoever. EVER. This shit is on the parents and the school.

    Also, when the fuck do the fucking impotent ‘authorities’ at the school get punished for their inability to act on the many, many warning signs that this kid showed? Goddamned school assholes… And to think, the Cowards That Be want to make the entire fucking WORLD into an open-air middle school.. Fuck that shit.

  2. Charli says:

    I’m definitely a pro 2A person and I don’t think things should be hung on parents all the time. I do however think that as a parent we also have a some responsibility to try to teach our children. If the parents didn’t do their fire diligence in caring for their child then maybe they should be charged. I would think it would be more of a negligent homicide charge though.

  3. YayaMac says:

    Unfortunately I do think the time has come for this. Also the victims’ families should SUE the school district for clearly being negligent.

  4. UppityG says:

    Good. If more parents were charged along with their murderous sub-adult children, this will — will — start coming down to a slow crawl. Far too many of these kinds of parents threaten the free and liberal access to OUR 2A rights, by being careless with their weapons around them and by not training their kids properly. And for not paying unblinking attention to the emotional and mental health of their old enough to fire a weapon child.