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Tesla’s Nearly $2K Electric Quad Bike For Kids Sold Out Twice After Announcement

A full-size version is still in development

Tesla’s Cyberquad for Kids sold out, was restocked, and sold out again after the company’s announcement on Dec. 2.

At $1,900, it is the lowest entry point for one of the company’s electric vehicles. The Cyberquad is an all-terrain vehicle with a design inspired by the 2019 Cybertruck.

The four-wheel ATV features a full steel frame, cushioned seat and adjustable suspension with rear disk braking and LED light bars,” according to its website listing. 

It is manufactured for Tesla by Radio Flyer.

Tesla says the Cyberquad is made for anyone over the age of 8 but that it comfortably accommodates riders up to 150 lbs. It may be too small for most adults.

Tesla head designer Franz von Holzhausen shared a video of himself trying out the Cyberquad of Kids.

The ATV has a range of 15 miles and a top seed of 10 mph. There is an option to set a limit of 5 mph. 

Its 36 V battery pack is not compatible with the Supercharger and it must be slow-charged for approximately five hours.

As a part of its announcement, the company said the Cyberquad for Kids would ship in two to four weeks, but it would not guarantee delivery before Christmas.

This proved to not be a problem for consumers.

The Cyberquad for kids sold out after being listed for less than a day, although the total amount sold has not been released, then was restocked and sold out again,” per Fox News.

At a shareholders meeting in October, Elon Musk said the full-sized version of the Cyberquad was still in development. It would be released after the company addressed the biggest issue with ATVs: safety.

“The ATV is an interesting design challenge because ATVs are pretty dangerous and, so, we want to make an ATV that is the least dangerous ATV. So, if you are going to ATV, well, you might as well have the least dangerous ATV,” he said.

According to the United States Consumer and Product Safety Commission, of the 2,258 reported deaths in 2020 involving Off-Highway Vehicles, ATVs were involved in 1,697.

In 2017, 25% of all ATV-related deaths occurred in five states – Texas, California, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

The average number of fatalities caused by ATV accidents has declined, on average, since 2015.

The Cyberquad for Kids is currently only available in the United States. The full-sized version is not expected to be on the market before the end of 2022.

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