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Michelle Obama Is A Top Contender For 2024 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Historian Says

According to unnamed sources, foreign leaders have already assumed that Biden will not be the nominee next year

Multiple foreign governments are now assuming that President Joe Biden will not end up as the Democratic presidential nominee next year.

These accounts, as Tim Stanley writes for The Telegraph, are coming from sources who have had recent conversations with foreign politicians.

An easy choice for the ticket, Stanley says, is Michelle Obama.

For the better part of the entire year, people have made the case for why Biden could pull out of the race. Often cited reasons are his declining health and scandals related to alleged illicit business dealings with his family — activities that are now drawing increased congressional scrutiny.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is widely suspected to be planning a presidential run for 2024. However, Stanley writes that “to replace Biden with the next Obama available, far from being revolutionary, would reinforce the line of political continuity that stretches from 2008-2024, with only [former President Donald] Trump’s election as a temporary aberration.”

Former President Barack Obama has been suspected of having an outsized role in influencing the current government serving under the Biden administration, due to sheer proximity — Obama still lives in Washington D.C., breaking with long-held precedent whereby past presidents leave from inside the Beltway.

“[Historian David] Samuels notes that Obama has openly lobbied on internet censorship and gun control, and suggests that he lingered in DC society to serve as a potent symbol of the legitimate political order that had been stolen by Trump (never forget how many liberals said 2016 was a fix),” Stanley explains.

“There are obviously large parts of White House policymaking that belong to Barack Obama because they are staffed by his people, who worked for him and no doubt report back to him,” he quotes Samuels as saying. “Personnel is policy,” Samuels added, noting that the arrangement is “spooky” because it operates “outside the constitutional framework.”

The personnel overlap is unquestioned. USA Today has reported that 74 percent of Biden’s top aides previously worked in the Obama administration.

Though Michelle Obama has previously stated that she detests the idea of running for president, the former First Lady — who has been named the World’s Most Admired’ three years in a row by British pollster YouGov— is a leading contender for her party’s 2024 presidential nomination, polling data shows.

A domain search indicates that the website domain name “Michelle2024.com” was purchased just three months after her husband Barack was sworn into office. The domain was just renewed in April of this year. The domain “ObamaForPresident.com” was first purchased in 2008, but, according to the archive, was never used by the Obama team.

Obama campaigned under BarackObama.com, according to the U.S. Library of Congress. The domain MichelleObama.com, which was first bought in 2005, is not active, but was renewed in January of this year. However, anyone can register a domain that is available and registration information is often held privately, so there is no proof it would be used for an official campaign.

Numerous other figures have laid out the rationale for Democrats selecting Michelle as their choice for president.

An op-ed published this spring argues that she would be the Democrats’ best chance next year. Comedian Joe Rogan, who has the #1 rated podcast on the globe, stated that Michelle would be the Democratic Party’s best chance in 2024. And last month, former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone predicted that Michelle would be the Democratic Party nominee next year.

In rounding out his case for Michelle 2024, Stanley says:

Mrs Obama has always polled well. She has published two best-selling books of biography and womanly wisdom. She has served in the White House. She is known by everyone but, unlike Trump, has retained some of the enigma of privacy. She has denied that she has any intention of running for the presidency, but that’s usually a sure-fire sign that someone is interested.

As for the suggestion that her overnight nomination would be too fantastical, too Hollywood – has our sense of the “possible” not been radically expanded by Donald Trump? Mrs Obama’s opponent would be spending much of the election cycle in court. There is no “normal” anymore in US politics.

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