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Maryland Governor Vows to ‘Re-Fund the Police’ to ‘Increase Crime Control’

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan unveiled his new initiative to “Re-Fund the Police” Friday afternoon in an effort to “increase crime control and victim protection” across the state.

The Republican announced the program on social media, writing, “Today, I announced a new $150 million Re-Fund The Police Initiative to increase support for our police, and to increase crime control and victim protection services all across our state. We cannot defund the police, we need to re-fund the police.”

The platform includes $120 million in funding for police departments, $20 million for safe neighborhood programs and witness incentives, and $10 million for victim protection.

The majority of the funding will be allocated to stopping violent crime in Baltimore and neighborhoods near Washington, D.C.

Hogan added:

“Violent crime is out of control in Baltimore City. They’re on pace to surpass 300 homicides again this year, the Baltimore Police Department is short-staffed by more than 300 officers. The city of Baltimore is a poster child for the basic failure to stop lawlessness. There’s a prosecutor who refuses to prosecute crime and there’s a revolving door of repeat offenders who are being let right back onto the streets to shoot people again and again.

“Our $150 million ‘Re-fund the police’ initiative will provide a desperately needed shot in the arm to our state and local police agencies and their critical efforts to stop crime.”

Read the full report at CBS Baltimore.

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6 responses to “Maryland Governor Vows to ‘Re-Fund the Police’ to ‘Increase Crime Control’”

  1. Viewtifuljoe says:

    Baltimore and the parts of Prince George’s county that border DC would benefit from constitutional carry more than more cash to the current system that only investigate crimes after the fact.

  2. How about getting rid of the damn prosecutor? That would be a cheaper start!

  3. nrol34 says:

    Note to Larry Hogan: Baltimore is 62% Black and 30% white. I guess all the white people are shooting each other. The poor white people, maybe we should take away their guns. We have to save that race.

  4. pandusa says:

    And these single- digit IQ people are in a position of power…scary. But, they elected it…or did they ? Stupid, ignorant or cheated…not much of a choice… between bad and worse.

  5. E_jeck says:

    In the words of Carl Benjamin (a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad), “You get what you f*****g deserve.”

  6. thndrbrd says:

    Huh, well who would have thunk that? Flipping genius level!