Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Video Message to Biden: 'You're Not a President, You're a Piece of Sh*t'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has posted a video message to President Joe Biden calling him a “piece of sh*t.”

The Georgia representative posted the video on Gettr, a new social media platform created by a former adviser to President Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden, you’re not a president,” Greene said. “You’re a piece of shit. Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan and you’re letting the Taliban kick your ass while you’re lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job. Bring these Americans home.”

The 17-second video appeared to be filmed at the gym.

Greene announced that she will be introducing articles of impeachment against Biden during an interview on Real America’s Voice’ War Room Pandemic with host Steve Bannon on Monday.

“I have my team right now working on articles of impeachment,” Greene said. “Because I’m so disgusted with Joe Biden. You know I’ve already filed one set of articles of impeachment. But his failure as a president is unspeakable.”

Greene continued on to say that “Trump right now is more presidential and he’s not even in the White House than Joe Biden can ever be or stand up to in the past seven months.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all if [the Biden administration] are paying the Taliban,” the representative said. “After all, they are paying them with weapons, vehicles, Blackhawk helicopters because the Afghan army is handing them over as fast as possible.”

“Anytime any Democrat ever speaks to America about gun control again, and they want to talk to you about your AR-15, you tell them right now how many weapons and how many semi-automatic weapons did you hand over to terrorists in Afghanistan, to the Taliban, ISIS and possible Al-Qaeda before you ever talk to Americans about gun control,” Greene continued.

Earlier this month, Greene was suspended from Twitter for one week after tweeting that the FDA should not approve COVID-19 vaccines because they are “failing.”

“The account will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules,” a Twitter spokesperson told CNN.

Greene tweeted, “The FDA should not approve the covid vaccines. There are too many reports of infection & spread of #COVID19 among vaccinated people. These vaccines are failing & do not reduce the spread of the virus & neither do masks. Vaccine mandates & passports violate individual freedoms.”

In addition to her suspension, Twitter labeled the tweet as “misleading.”

Greene was also suspended for 12 hours after violating the policy with two tweets back in July.

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