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Mall Of America Sued by Family of Child Thrown Over Railing

In 2019, a man threw a five-year-old boy over the side of mall's third story balcony.

The parents of a boy who was thrown from a third-floor balcony have filed a lawsuit against the Mall of America.

In April of 2019, a five-year-old boy was visiting the famous shopping mall with his mother when a stranger, Emmanuel Aranda, launched him over the railing. The boy, identified only as Landen, fell three stories — roughly 40 feet — before hitting the ground. He was brought to Children’s Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis where his life-threatening illnesses were treated.

The lawsuit accuses the mall and its security force of failing to protect Landen against Emmanuel Aranda,” says KARE11. “Documents describe a ‘duty to protect the mall’s guests against reasonably foreseeable criminal activity.’ Family attorneys allege that the mall and its security detail knew about Aranda and his violent tendencies due to ‘his extensive criminal history and violent conduct at the mall.’ The lawsuit states at a minimum, Mall of America should have prevented Aranda from ‘prowling’ at the mall freely without a security officer following him closely.”

Described by KARE11 as “a known and allegedly violent person,” Aranda had been banned from the mall twice before. He interacted with mall security on April 11, the day before he attacked Landon. The Chicago native was 24 years old at the time.

Aranda was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Aranda told investigators he went to the Bloomington, Minnesota, mall ‘looking for someone to kill’ after women had rejected his advances” reports Chron.

Representing the family is Mark J. Briol and the firm Briol & Benson. Briol told the court that the family has incurred “more than $1.7 million in medical expenses” while caring for their son’s severe injuries. He also said, “while the child has made remarkable progress, he will face ongoing medical and health challenges, as will his mother, who witnessed the criminal assault.”

The Mall of America said in a statement:

From the day that this tragic event happened, our concern has been focused on Landen and his well-being. We are thankful for his ongoing and continued recovery. We can’t imagine how traumatic this ordeal has been for Landen, his family, and friends. Legal matters are not unexpected in a situation such as this. It is a process that we will continue to work through and hopefully find resolution for all parties. Our thoughts and best wishes continue to remain with Landen and his family.”

The story caught national attention and sympathy. Over 29,000 people raised more than $1 million on a GoFundMe page set up for Landon. In a November 2019 update, his parents said  that the boy “came home in August with a limp and uneven legs, but has had many sessions of physical therapy and ‘is now walking PERFECTLY with even legs.’”

The update also said that “when asked by his mother how he’s doing, always responds, ‘Mom, I’m healed, you don’t need to ask me anymore.’”

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  1. darknight118 says:

    Line 4
    … “where his life-threatening illnesses were treated.”

    illnesses ????? really ??? don’t you mean >>>>injuries<<<<< ????

    not big on grammar ect. but that is ridiculous…

  2. Anpumesses says:

    MOA it self is not gun free tho the stores them selves can do so

  3. Xugia says:

    This is easy any gun free zone has to be able to secure the safety of the individuals on the premises, limiting the right of a person to protect them selves and their families make the gun free zone at fault should fly with school shootings as well.

  4. msfitzga says:

    Malls across America are dying. Online purchases began the death spiral and then they became an air-conditioned no man’s land for bored urban and suburban youth.

    The long dark night has begun.

  5. Heathenairsoftnj says:

    Stop white supremacy.

  6. neilinda says:

    Thinking, under the circumstances that this sentence, “He was brought to Children’s Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis where his life-threatening illnesses were treated.” – should instead say, ‘He was brought to Children’s Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis where his life-threatening INJURIES were treated.’
    Thinking you all are really needing a copy editor!!! The more writing there is the more problems you have.

  7. StephenLonghi says:

    That scum bag is a ticking time bomb. He has been violent multiple times in the past so who in their right mind thinks he will all of a sudden become a peaceful person? When he is let out of prison in , what will probably be 7-10 years, he is just going to attack another innocent person. Why is he still breathing? She should be executed to protect society.