Majority of Americans No Longer Believe That Biden is Competent

The majority of Americans no longer have faith that President Joe Biden is competent, following the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to a new poll from CBS News, fifty-one percent believe that Biden is not a competent Commander in Chief, while 49 percent believe that he is.

The pollsters also found that 52 percent of likely voters do not feel the president has been focused.

Though the majority believe he is incompetent and unfocused, the results were still split 50/50 on whether people approved of the job he is doing as president. However, an NBC News poll taken the same day found his approval rating to be below 50 percent.

The CBS poll was conducted as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and 53 percent disagreed with the way that the troops were withdrawn. “Seventy percent said the removal of troops could have been handled better, along with 55 percent who said some troops should have stayed,” Breitbart News noted.

When asked about the poll and his slipping numbers on Sunday, Biden laughed and said that he had not seen it.

Biden currently only has a majority approval rating in 12 states. Colorado is polling at an even tie of 46 percent.

Vice President Kamala Harris is not doing any better than Biden among likely voters.

A new survey from Rasmussen found that 55 percent of voters believe Harris is not qualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 47 percent who say she is “not at all qualified.”

Only 43 percent of likely voters believe that Harris is ready to be president. That number is way down from April, when 49 percent said they believed that she was qualified.

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