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MAJOR MIX-UP: Florida Says CDC Inflated COVID Numbers in the Sunshine State

Health officials in Florida accused the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of inflating COVID statistics this week, saying the organization is posting “incorrect information” regarding the pandemic in the Sunshine State.

“The daily case counts for Florida currently posted on the CDC COVID Tracker are incorrect,” posted the group on Twitter.

“It appears the CDC divided by two instead of three,” said Jason Salemi, an epidemiologist at the University of South Florida.

“The CDC had to amend its figures for Sunday, August 8, after the Florida Department of Health contested its figures, which listed 28,317 new COVID cases that day,” writes Newsweek. “The Florida Department of Health noticed a discrepancy in its COVID figures for August 8 and those being reported by the media.”

“They combined MULTIPLE days into one. We anticipate CDC will correct the record,” stated the Florida Health Department.

“Consequently, each Monday or Tuesday, there will be two or three days of data reported at a time,” it said. “When data is published, it is attributed evenly to the previous days.”

“The CDC told the media on Tuesday it was working with Florida officials to correct the inaccuracies. It adjusted the number on its website to 19,584, although this was still higher than the health department’s figure of 15,319,” adds Newsweek.

Read the full report here.

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5 responses to “MAJOR MIX-UP: Florida Says CDC Inflated COVID Numbers in the Sunshine State”

  1. Relientruss says:

    They keep coming after the last free state of the US. This isn’t the first time the Left have lied about covid numbers, specifically for Florida. Imagine if they keep lying about one state, how many others are being lied about?

  2. itchy says:

    “It was a glitch”

    Right, so every single time you people have a bug, glitch, or do something on accident, it just so happens to be towards teh right/people opposed to the woke death cult? These people are evil.

  3. RuthlessAdmin says:

    They just needed the smear campaign. Corrections wont be reported.

  4. MontyLalado says:

    Must’ve been a complete and total oopsies!

  5. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    Kind of like when social media sites block conservative posts ‘by accident’.

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