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Los Angeles Suspends ‘More Than 100 Firefighters’ Without Pay for Violating COVID Vax Mandates

At least 100 firefighters in the City of Los Angeles were placed on unpaid leave this week for allegedly violating the local COVID vaccine mandate.

“A total of 113 Los Angeles city firefighters have been removed from duty without pay for failing to meet the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for municipal employees, the department announced Monday,” reports ABC Los Angeles.

“The notices warned of the consequences of violating the mandate, and as of Monday, 113 firefighters were placed on leave without pay. The number of firefighters who are off-duty changes daily due to members updating their vaccination and testing status, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Cheryl Getuiza,” adds the local news channel.

83% of the department’s 3,732 employees have been vaccinated.

321 individuals have requested an exemption due to religious or medical reasons.

Under local guidelines, unvaccinated workers must submit two negative COVID tests each week until the Dec. 18 deadline.

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