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Jobless Claims Hit 52 Year Low

Weekly unemployment claims have dropped to a new, multi-decade low, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

At 184,000 claims, it was the lowest level of first time claim filings since September 1969 — when the first time filing figure stood at 182,000.

It was also a lower number than predicted by economists. It seems to provide further proof that America’s job market is in recovery in the sense that employers are vying for staff and workers have plenty of jobs to choose from. Companies are still having a hard time keeping up with the heavy demand for goods and services, and it has been made harder with a lower available workforce.

Official numbers in October showed the nation had 11 million jobs available and not enough people to fill them. This count coincided with 1.9 million Americans who were receiving benefits under the various government programs in the week that ended on Nov. 20. This number was a result of regular state unemployment aid.

“Usually, it is not really worth discussing seasonals as the adjustment process is usually well calibrated and does a good job smoothing out the expected wiggles,” said Jefferies Money Market Economist Thomas Simons in a recent memo sent to clients.

The pandemic has complicated the job market, placing a burden on the economic state of America. Last summer, when claims were still in the millions, the Labor Department made a change to its adjustment methodology, Simons said.

Even though claims have declined steadily since September, the holiday season, starting with Veteran’s Day and ending only with Martin Luther King Day in February, is a period of heightened volatility, according to Mike Englund, chief economist at Action Economics.

In the end, the 52 year low is a signal of economic recovery for the U.S. 

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9 responses to “Jobless Claims Hit 52 Year Low”

  1. pandusa says:

    Do ya think it may be all the people YOU put out of work with your vaccine mandates? You fixed it where they took the jab or were denied their job or unemployment benefits if they didn’t? The rest have just started their own small businesses…smash and grab, drug and human trafficking and other criminal enterprises. You became CORN-POP the bully. (Never believed that story…he probably misread it off the cereal box at the breakfast table and later off the top of his prevaricating head- included it. I can’t even SAY it with a straight face.” He’s Bad, BAD Corn-pop? Brown…Baddest man in the whole damn town. Badder than old King Kong and meaner that a junkyard dog.”
    President looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone…Jim Croce (paraphrased) Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

  2. Devilsgun says:

    Lemme guess, the Bumbles Occupational Government no longer counts the unemployed, unvaxxed untermensch as *humans*, amirite?

    No jabbin’ makes you Lebensunwertes Leben

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    annunaki0311 has it right. I have many friends who are unemployed specifically because of the vaccine mandate. They have been told that they cannot qualify for unemployment benefits, so they do not bother applying.
    The official numbers work in a way to only report statistics for the elite vaccinated bootlicker class now.

  4. Night_Coder says:

    So most small businesses shut down forever, those still in business can’t find workers, and unemployment claims are down. Where did all the people go? Something just doesn’t make sense here.

  5. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    I have been seeing UFOs since I was twelve. Never told a soul. Why would I?
    Notice how “COVID19” has displaced ALL mention of UFOs on the Marxist “news” Networks??
    When we were deployed at sea, we saw Russian “Bombers” during daylight hours. We made certain to ‘Moon’ the buggers from the Flight Deck. At night, we would see UFO’s ‘slipping beneath the waves as they went where ever UFOs go when they submerge.
    Yeah, tough to ‘deny’ a non-event when there are four ships and a couple of hundred Marines and Sailors as witnesses to IT.
    Just sayin’…Many sightings. Orders not to ‘talk’ about them. Who the Hell would LISTEN?
    They’re here, and I don’t think they’re our Friends… Thousands of Civilians have plumb ‘disappeared from Alaska ANNUALLY. Until very recently there was a huge database of the names of the ‘missing’ ONLINE!. It’s GONE now. The oh so ‘honest’ FBI says ALL those missing folks “RAN AWAY” leaving their homes, Autos, and MONEY in their bank Accounts!!
    Lo0ok naround. You may still find some records that haven’t been EXPUNGED. Fifteen years ago, over 25 Million-plus Americans “went away” annually…Feel like FOOD or SLAVES? I intend to RESIST. There IS information out there. IT doesn’t last long, it IS swept up REGULARLY…Good Luck.
    COVID19 MANDATES for a shot that ‘manipulates our DNA? IF you survive the jab that is.

  6. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    You aren’t reading the same data we are, are you? Or you’re working out of a Saint Petersburg suburb..How i-IS “Puti” these days? Did the doddering old Marxist, Brandon frighten him?

  7. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    Roger that ANNUNAKI0311. Funny how Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Castro, Putin and XI and the other Communist Losers use the same pathetic ‘dodge’ to make their criminally useless efforts appear stunningly suck-cesspool…

  8. Szell says:

    As a fellow American, cool. We shut down the world economy and now that it is bouncing back, what did we expect? lol. Still doesn’t change that almost all of the stores around me cannot find workers and restaurants are closed on the weekends here since they cannot find help.

  9. annunaki0311 says:

    Not hard to go up when you’re pretty much at rock bottom. A factor not considered in this almost lazy level of journalism, is that many people who lost their jobs due to the unconstitutional vax mandates cannot file for unemployment. This artificially makes the numbers of unemployment, and claims seem low, but in reality people just aren’t allowed to report.