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'I'm Not Suicidal': James O'Keefe Meets With Senators Following Pfizer Release

The Project Veritas Founder Was Placed On Paid Leave Last Week Over 'Erratic Behavior'

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said he’s “not suicidal” and “loves his life” in a video revealing he was meeting with Senators in Washington D.C. on Friday.

O’Keefe’s comments follow the non-profit’s January video revealing Pfizer Director Jordon Trishton Walker claiming the company is exploring a way to “mutate” COVID-19 through “Directed Evolution.”

A follow-up video featured Walker discussing his concerns about the vaccine’s effects on women’s hormones and menstrual cycles.

The Project Veritas founder was placed on paid leave from the organization last Wednesday.

“So, we’re meeting with various Senators here in Washington D.C. after the Anthony Fauci hearing this morning and the Department of Defense documents we’ve released showing that he apparently lied in his testimony,” O’Keefe said from a hallway inside the Capitol.

“I’m not suicidal,” he said. “I love my life.”

Last week, the Project Veritas founder was accused of “erratic behavior” by 16 employees in a letter asking the non-profit’s board of directors to remove O’Keefe.

The group further claimed the non-profit founder’s management style and business operations were “antithetical” to the organization’s core values, according to the letter sent to Project Veritas Board of Directors, Project Veritas Action and the organization’s executive management. The 11-page document obtained by Timcast featured anonymous reports and accounts from witnesses and second-hand accounts of a “pattern of behavior” that “severely limit[s]” the staff’s “ability to execute the [Project Veritas] mission.”

“James has become a power drunk tyrant and he is exactly who he pontificates on who we should be exposing,” reads one of the letter’s anonymous statements.

“We have all been on the receiving end of unnecessary, seemingly intentionally humiliating, and outright cruel behavior,” read another statement. “I believe James knows he’s in over his head, he’s scared, overworked, manic on stress and drunk on the success of the last two weeks. His flaws aside, his aims are genuine and he is a true leader. He just needs a push back in the right direction. I hope this potential board action is that push.”

A separate viral Twitter thread following the revealed efforts to oust O’Keefe suggested the founder’s paid leave was a “coup” attempt.

“What is happening to James O’Keefe is unconscionable and the attempted hostile takeover of [Project Veritas] needs to be stood against by its supporters,” wrote a user who goes by the moniker “Swig” and is reportedly the founder of apparel company Old Row. Swig claimed he was contacted by a Project Veritas whistleblower after last Wednesday’s announcement of O’Keefe’s paid leave.

“This situation has allowed … 2 alleged ringleaders of this attempt to push James out to have significant sway over the others despite their reasons to be essentially meritless,” the user wrote, noting Board Members participating in the alleged “coup” included “ringleader” Matt Tyrmand, John Garvey, Gaorge Skakel, Joseph Barton, and Steve Alembik, along with CFO and COO Tom O’Hara and Barry Hinckley, respectively.

“About ten employees aired their grievances about James, which essentially boiled down to him being a tough boss to work for. At the end of this six hour struggle session, Tyrmand and fellow board member John Garvey put him on leave and stripped him of all authority,” the source allegedly said, referring to the meeting as a “Stalinesque kangaroo court trial.”

O’Keefe founded Project Veritas in June of 2010. The organization has published investigations and undercover reports on social media platforms, presidential campaigns, and news networks.

Hannah Claire Brimelow contributed to this report

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