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Ice Cube Says He Stood On His Convictions Deciding Against COVID-19 Vaccination

'There's No Repercussions If They're Wrong, But I Get All The Repercussions If They're Wrong'

Rapper O’Shea Jackson, who goes by the stage name Ice Cube, commented on his decision to not vaccinate for COVID-19 during an appearance on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show Tucker On Twitter.

Carlson and Jackson drove through the rapper’s old neighborhood in Los Angeles throughout the interview as the former Fox News host questioned Jackson’s decision to not vaccinate for COVID-19.

“I’m not real good with direct orders,” Jackson said of his decision to which Carlson joked he was commanded to seek vaccination.

The Fox News host also revealed he did not vaccinate for COVID-19 either.

“It wasn’t ready,” Jackson said of the COVID-19 vaccine development under Operation Warp Speed. “I didn’t feel safe.”

The former Fox News host jokingly insisted he was in fact safe, according to narratives shared by legacy media and government officials.

“I know what they said … I heard them loud and clear,” the rapper responded. “But it’s not their decision.”

“There’s no repercussions if they’re wrong. But I get all the repercussions if they’re wrong.”

When Carlson asked Jackson if deciding against vaccination despite external pressure from the entertainment industry was a “tough call,” the rapper said it wasn’t.

“I wanted to be an example for my kids,” he said, adding he didn’t want his kids to take the COVID-19 vaccine either. “Show them that I want to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more.”

Jackson added he had possibly lost more than $9 million after turning down his role in Oh Hell No, now titled Stepdude, starring alongside Jack Black.

Carlson referred to people standing on their convictions as heroes who were “brave” and had principles.

“You were not hailed as a hero,” Carlson noted. “You were attacked.”

Jackson insisted he never publicly told anyone not to seek vaccination against COVID-19.

“That was never my message to the world,” the rapper said. “I didn’t even want people to know whether I got vaccinated or not.”

The rapper expressed frustration over the news of his decision being reported publicly. Jackson also said he knew someone who was injured from the COVID-19 vaccine — “they suffer every day.”

“It’s hard to watch. Suffering in silence is not the answer all the time,” Jackson continued. “Sometimes you gotta let people know what’s going on so you can actually move the needle. If it’s true, why can’t I say it?”

Carlson replied, “You can’t say it because it is true.”

“There’s no penalty for lying. No one’s ever punished for lying,” he continued. “It’s only telling the truth. It gets you in trouble.”

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