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Holly Holm Explains Call To End Child Sexualization In Post-Fight Press Conference

'I Feel Like Everybody Should Be Wanting To Protect Their Children'

Mixed Martial Artist Holly Holm, who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), elaborated on her call to end child sexualization in a post-fight press conference on Saturday.

Holm, who compete’s in UFC’s women’s bantamweight division, secured her win against challenger Yana Santos via unanimous decision, marking her first win since 2020.

During a post-fight press conference, the fighter elaborated on her remarks made to former middleweight and light heavyweight competitor and fellow UFC fighter Michael Bisping, who interviewed Holm immediately after her fight.

“I’m not even a real political person. I don’t like to put that stuff around any of my social media but there’s also just right and wrong,” Holm told one reporter. “I feel like everybody should be on the same side on that. I don’t feel like that has anything to do with left side, right side or anything like that.”

“I feel like everybody should be wanting to protect their children.”

“There’s a lot of child trafficking … that’s like the extreme part,” she continued. “There’s a lot of levels to it. You see it almost being more accepted and I think that’s really sad. I feel like we should all do what we can. … A lot of people don’t know what to do. But at least if I can have a voice on it then that’s something I can speak out on. And it’s just to get everybody together to protect children.”

The fighter suggested traumatic events from childhood can leave long-term effects on people throughout their lives.

“I have friends that are adults and their biggest – that kinda is a shadow, kind of that dark space for them – is being sexualized when they were young.”

Holm concluded by saying child sexualization was being largely “accepted” in society.

Video of Holm’s post-fight interview with Bisping went viral on Saturday.

“I just feel it’s really sad all the sexualization of our children right now and we need to protect them — whatever that may be. Let’s protect the children, please!”

Prior to Holm’s fight against Santos, the Albuquerque Journal revealed the fighter had renewed her contract with the UFC for six more fights.

“[The UFC] knew Holly had lots of options out there,” said promoter Lenny Fresquez of Holm. “She was very sought-after and probably could have earned more money elsewhere.”

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