High School Kids in Colorado Walk Out of Multiple Schools After Refusing to Comply With Mask Mandate (VIDEOS)

Dozens of high school kids walked out of schools outside the Denver area on Thursday after refusing to comply with a mask mandate imposed upon them.

The ThunderRidge High School students held signs saying “my body, my choice” and told reporters that those who are scared of the virus should stay home after walking out of class around 9:30 a.m. They were joined by nearby middle school students and their parents.

Students from Legend High School in Douglas County also held a protest against the mandate.

The Tri-County Health Department announced earlier this week to require all students to wear masks — even those who have been vaccinated. The local CBS affiliate reports that they also prevented individual counties from opting out of public health orders.

The order took effect on September 1 and is expected to remain in place for the entire school year.

“I believe that masks, they’ve been going from mostly two years now, this is going to be the third year of my high school career that’s compromised. I want a normal high school career there. If you are scared you could stay home,” said student Austin Knapp as they rallied.

“These people agree with me, they hate masks. And I do, too,” said another student.

The Denver Channel reports that Thunder Ridge High School students were joined by Ranch View Middle School students and their parents.

“There’s enough parents, and there’s enough scientific data to show otherwise, that this is just not a necessary option that they have to take, and there are enough students that feel the same way,” said parent Amy Ellis.

Tri-County Health said in a statement to the Denver Channel that masks are to keep students in school.

“We understand that some parents and students are frustrated and disagree with the mask requirement, but masks provide protection and prevent the spread of disease which allows students to remain in school where they learn best.”

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article, as well as the tweets embedded therein, may have given the impression that these schools are in the city of Denver, which is not the case. ThunderRidge High School is in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and Legend High School is in Parker, Colorado.

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