High School Cheerleader's After-Hours Snapchat Upheld as Free-Speech

Brandi Levy

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

A former high school cheerleader’s expletive filled rant on popular app Snapchat has altered the state of free speech in America.

The Supreme Court ruling on June 23rd, 2021 marked the first time the nation’s highest court has made a decision pertaining to speech online.

Mahanoy vs B.L will join other notorious cases, such as Tinker vs Des Moines and Morse vs Frederick, that marked clear changes in the public understanding of students’ rights to Free Speech. 

“The court held that high school student Brandi Levy was unconstitutionally disciplined by Mahanoy Area High School in Pennsylvania after she posted a profanity-laced Snapchat rant when she failed to make the varsity cheer squad, proclaiming “f— school f— softball f— cheer f— everything,” reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Questions regarding what type of language are worth protecting, as well as where a school’s authority begins and ends in regards to the private activities of its students were at the heart of this case.

In his majority opinion, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote “It might be tempting to dismiss B. L.’s words as unworthy of the robust First Amendment protections discussed herein. But sometimes it is necessary to protect the superfluous in order to preserve the necessary.”

Engadget’s K. Bell reports “In its decision, the Supreme Court left open questions about exactly how social media affects how those lines should be drawn. The ruling made more of the fact that the speech took place off-campus and not during a school function, rather than how the comments were made. Though in a separate, concurring opinion, Justice Samuel Alito noted that a school would have authority over what students say while participating in online learning or other “online school activities.”

Clare Norins, the director of University of Georgia School of Law’s First Amendment Clinic and an assistant clinical professor, echoes this uncertainty saying “the decision leaves students and their parents in limbo as to when, exactly, schools can reach into their homes, their personal social media, or their leisure activities to punish young people for what they say.”

Brandi Levy was 14 years-old when she filmed her tirade at a convenience store off campus after she did not make the varsity cheerleading squad. Although Snapchat message only last for 24 hours, a screenshot of the post was shown to one of her coaches. She was suspended from the team for a year. The ACLU supported Levy and her parent’s legal battle. 

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15 responses to “High School Cheerleader’s After-Hours Snapchat Upheld as Free-Speech”

  1. ADuncan says:

    I did four years of NCAA cross country and track at an institution that actively screened and viewed every post on social media by athletes on their person accounts. Having to sit out meets/games was the typical threat but it was normal for athletes to get dismissed for the remainder of the season for not removing a post with a bottle in the background or venting about the staff or team. This is a good ruling, I’m sick of colleges thinking they’re above the Bill of Rights.

  2. Chinook says:

    The fact that this had to go to the supreme court is ridiculous.

  3. Goldwolf says:


  4. Masshole says:

    Nobody reads this much in comments sections. stop writing.

  5. KDiddy says:

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  6. KDiddy says:

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  7. UppityG says:

    Brava! Thank you Hannah Claire Brimelow, welcome to the Timcast Empire. 😉 Straight reporting is what I crave. More, please.

  8. angrybadger92 says:

    Finally some good news. Glad the bill of rights still holds some water

  9. LeeHarvey says:

    It’s so damned refreshing to read a news article that is straight forward and fact based.

  10. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    It doesn’t suit the narrative – if she was kicked out of school or something like that, it would, and it would be all over the news, but a judge essentially saying she had the right to say what she did – well – that does not suit the current witch-hunting mass media.

  11. BigJoe77 says:

    Damn wish we had this kind of justice in the in the lower courts.


  12. jugs says:

    Justice Thomas was the single dissenting opinion, pretty interesting read if you have time.

  13. Rohanhub says:

    This is a big deal. This will help a ton with the culture war.

  14. MaineWolf says:

    @Race yeah this is good to see. 1st is 1st for a reason. “necessary to protect the superfluous in order to preserve the necessary.”

  15. Race says:

    Happy to see this. Surprised I’ve seen nothing about it elsewhere

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