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Girlfriend of Man Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Timcast What She Thinks 'Justice' Would Be

The girlfriend of Anthony Huber, who was fatally shot by Kyle Rittenhouse during the riots in Kenosha, told Timcast what she believes “justice” would look like.

Hannah Gittings, 25, said that “justice” for her, would look like Rittenhouse “growing up, finding love and family as beautiful as Anthony and I had. Then him realizing exactly what was taken from us and feeling that fully.”

During an stunning interview with the New York Post on Thursday, Gittings admitted that she has sympathy for Rittenhouse, despite her belief that he was running around the town trying to be “king of the world.”

“I do have a lot of sympathy for this kid because he is just a kid to me so it was just like a really dumbass kid who unfortunately became the figurehead for this,” she said.

“Kenosha also needs to be held responsible for allowing this militia to show up and do exactly what they came here to do,” Gittings asserted.

Huber encountered Rittenhouse immediately after the shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum. According to Gittings, they believed the 17-year-old was an active shooter — so her boyfriend jumped in to try to stop him.

“One of them goes out, taking advantage of a vulnerable situation so that he can live out his fantasy of being king of the world and one of them out there doing absolutely nothing, nothing f–king wrong and being presented with yes, an active shooter situation and leaping into action without a second thought of his own safety,” Gittings said.

“The outcome of this trial, it could go literally any way in the world, good or bad for us and it still would not change any of this for us,” she said.

Gittings also said that she hoped there would be some semblance of justice for her boyfriend, but did not specify what that was.

Timcast reached out to Gittings to ask what “justice” would look like for her.

“To me, justice would be this kid growing up, finding love and family as beautiful as Anthony and I had. Then him realizing exactly what was taken from us and feeling that fully. I don’t wish this on anyone,” Gittings replied.

The jury is currently in the midst of deliberations, which began on Monday.

The 12 jurors selected to decide the teenager’s fate include seven women and five men.

The eighteen year old is facing first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety for shooting three people, two of them fatally, during a riot in Kenosha last August.

He faces a life sentence if convicted of first-degree intentional homicide.

Rittenhouse maintains that he had been acting in self defense.

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33 responses to “Girlfriend of Man Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Timcast What She Thinks ‘Justice’ Would Be”

  1. jhudler says:

    Yet she wears a slutty outfit to court. Real class act

  2. Mathemagician says:

    Losing a loved one isn’t fun and it’s tragic what happened. With that said there’s some interesting psychology at work here. On one side you have someone who lost their lover, a provider, a possible father and life long partner. On the other you have business owners losing the means to provide for their families, due to an angry mob. I hesitate to clap back at her during a time of grief, but I feel like it goes both ways. She could start a business in a nice town that she loves. Have kids with a man and raise them there. And then have her flower shop burnt to the ground over something she had no part in. Maybe her husband would get horribly injured trying to defend the shop. Or maybe her kids go to defend the shop? Justice? What would be just in this scenario? I don’t believe Kyle took any future away from her, her lover who was killed trying to disarm Kyle took that from her.

  3. pandusa says:

    Just a hunch…but I bet that watercolor, pretty, portrait…would run in the rain.

  4. Hsims says:

    I’m actually amazed by how many violent criminals are members of BLM and ANTIFA. Like you’d expect atleast 3 people who weren’t convicted of something wild.

  5. KrunKGringO says:


  6. Meowmaliga says:

    At first I wasn’t sure if what I was reading was English.
    And then I realized… I’m reading sexually charged fanfiction.

  7. shunsin7 says:

    ‘Active shooters’ don’t run past unarmed people in the street and not shoot them. ‘Active shooters’ don’t run exposed towards a heavily armed police line with their rifle down. Anyone that night who looked at Kyle’s actions in the moments leading up to the mob attacking him and concluded he’s an ‘active shooter,’ was not acting in good faith.

    It’s clear, he was running towards police and posing no threat to anyone. People can be heard shouting “he shot someone.” People then attack him to prevent him reaching the police line because they want to “carry out justice” upon him instead of allowing him to reach police. These people clearly wanted to kill Kyle before he could be arrested. That’s not justice. Again, ‘active shooters’ don’t peacefully mosie on past a bunch of free targets. While the mob was chasing Kyle he had ample opportunity to attack people, but he did not.

    Anyone who that night believed he was an ‘active shooter’ is either lying or they believe the VOICE of their TRIBE more than their OWN EYES.

  8. Sidram says:

    She likes it at the old age of 25 she is almost at the cat stage of a the down hill dispair.

  9. Sidram says:

    Most girls are emotionally charged but in this relationship she speaks as if she had a great relationship. Even this very hour she is stuck in her victim Marathon narrative that refuses any one else’s fecal attempts too gay to compare to her. No one can compete, understand, compare as she lost the saint of peaceful skateboard truck to face comforting technique. He tries to comfort kyle and help him pass out from the loving metal trucks that were better known as the my pillow skateboard. Mike Liddell fused metal and Giza cotton to form a portable pillow that only slightly resembles a skateboard to the laymen but for the rest of us wokewalkers that was obviously a pillow offering of brotherly love. If kyle would just accept the peace offering he was just about moving in to offer mouth to mouth and hinelicking But kyle already refused Teddy night nite bed time and his taste for blood was in full from the Rosenblum blood splatter that his reptilian tongue was able to catch with pinpoint shark like reflexes sealed the fates of all those broke back mountain manouvers , its just not fair that this womans head smasher didn’t get the equal amount of love back. Kyle penetrated him in a fit of gay confusion and he just wasn’t experienced enough to value the four play that was in wait as if trapped in a closet and just screaming to pounce out. This type of booty suppression is a common event for this generation cant be blamed as the digital revolution has stunted boys. The only deturant available is the loved the pro wrestling body slams that she Will miss and those rib kicks where kicks that others clearly understand as abuse but not to her. Every single kick was victim empowerment and only their love can express the truth that wokewalkers and rocket surgeons already know. This type of love one must experience to realize Eve was made from one of Adams ribs. Guess what rib he kicked, yep you guessed correctly by Kicking her ribs and cracking them he was hurting himself more and yet he fished her bitching with end all be all. He drops THE PEOPLES LOVING ELBOW. What woke gentlemen that will be missed. That elbow of love saved him the need to use a Cosby cocktail. It also saved the paper needed in the 3 consent forms. Game on as his best 2 minute performances/let downs will be missed.

  10. nrol34 says:

    I have no sympathy for the perps. Everyone should have stayed at home, there was a curfew that the government chose not to enforce.

  11. AstroDuck says:

    You know that meme with the guy riding a bike? He jams a stick in the spokes and crashes, cursing (insert name) for it.

    This incident was the literal representation of that.

  12. Sho2tamkgavin says:

    God what waste she’s kinda cute and probably never had an opportunity to be with a man that didn’t rely on her to work for a living…bet she sleeps at night too

  13. unspecialnoob says:

    Huber may have legitimately thought he was doing the right thing by attacking an ‘active shooter,’ but it doesn’t change the fact Kyle acted in self defense. Lima Golf Bravo

  14. DanielBrownlee says:

    Wow, as much as I disagree with this woman’s framing and account of what happened that was actually a really nice thing to say as to what she thinks justice is for Kyle. I hope she finds peace. Thank you for sharing this touching moment with all of us. I will fully admit this was a total expectations subverted moment for me.
    You are the best Cassandra. Your articles are some of the best I read.

  15. Wolv256 says:

    Well, lady, you shouldn’t have been there. How does that feel?

  16. two3fpv says:

    Thank god the jury did not give in to this mob! And this way they can’t blame it on the “racist” judge, who by the way was just perfect imo.

  17. Zeknix says:

    Remember.. This was during the lockdowns. Prisoners were being released in large quantities and it’s not like anyone was hiring or any entertainment venues open. It was a recipe for disaster.

  18. Crunchry Boy says:

    I guess it wasn’t his girlfriend he abused. Either that or she has Stockholm syndrome and defends her abuser

  19. Crunchry Boy says:

    Fuck them.

  20. Seesaw says:

    How anyone could watch the videos of that night and not clearly see that he acted in self defense is pretty freaking scary… Foxtrot-Juliet-Bravo

  21. UppityG says:

    She sounds like a communist who’s mad that someone she doesn’t like didn’t behave like the floor mat she and her scumbag BF were used to pushing around. Perhaps she’s being sincere, I have no way of knowing, but I’m skeptical.

  22. prcntm says:

    It is an interesting point about the criminal pasts of the people Kyle shot. Though a possible counter could be that those with criminal pasts within these crowds are more likely to attack someone in the manner Kyle was attacked. It could be that the majority of the rioters didn’t have criminal pasts and only those who did antagonized others to the point of fatal violence.

    Sort of like: you are more likely to be pulled over if you continuously ignore stop signs.

    … Okay, bad example, but you get my point. Realistically speaking, chances are good that Kyle wasn’t a divining rod for criminals that night and decent number of the rioters had criminal pasts. They just didn’t get caught.

  23. Turk_Longwell says:

    She gave a good answer. I don’t doubt that Kyle hasn’t already acknowledged to himself that he had to take some lives, while defending himself. It’s not easy on the heart or brain to take a life. I hope that she understands that her ‘Love’ was attacking a kid with a freaking skateboard.
    I hope Kyle does find, love, happiness and all that hoopla.

  24. Felen says:

    She lost someone she says she loved. Sorry.
    Reality is, Kyle R. was being as decent a person as he could be. He rendered aid where he could, prevented loss of property where he was able, and took lives where he was left with no other options.
    What I find remarkable is that all three rioters had a criminal past. Why is that? Did Kyle R. roll natural 20s (for non Dungeons and Dragons players, a natural 20 is the highest number achievable on an attack dice(1d20) roll and indicates an automatic critical hit) on the only criminal rioters that night?
    Self defense won today. Thanks to the bravery of one 17 year old young man. Is he a hero? He’ll probably tell you “no, I did what I had to do.”

  25. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    I hope this verdict costs the MORON, Comrade Josef Biden a huge fortune. He had NO damned Right to defame Kyle Rittenhouse in an attempt to garner “The Black Vote” during his illegal run for the White House.
    I know the COWARD OBiden will claim that he cannot be touched for his sickening Defamation of THIS young American Hero.
    Now, the Relatives of the thirteen Marines KILLED by Biden’s Cowardice and stupidity, as well as the hundreds of Americans and others ABANDONED by the CRETIN/TRAITOR Biden, Austin and Milley, MUST ALSO SUE!!.

  26. TheEvilModerate says:

    Boy, aren’t you delightful..

  27. prcntm says:

    Although I don’t really agree with her opinion of Kyle’s actions that night, I do think what she’s asking for is legit.

    Kyle seems like a very empathetic individual (this is just my opinion). I think he’s aware of exactly what she’s describing already. There may be a day in the future where he starts a family, looks at his first born and it hits him hard, but something tells me the remorse she is hoping he feels is already there.

    I hope both of these individuals can regain some semblance of normalcy sometime in the near future.

  28. Scafflaww says:

    After seeing and hearing the evidence, why isn’t she angry at the people who were attacking Kyle? I know why, because she knew EXACTLY what her boyfriend was doing there (to riot and loot) and why she was there. Hey Lady… meet Karma, bitch.

  29. DarkHelmet314 says:

    Congrats to Kyle and a good ruling by the jury. I hope this young man starts a new life some where else and is happy.

  30. Devilsgun says:

    Her “wish” is a dead shit festering in its mental cradle now… Bitch deserves to have it rot in her filthy leftie melon

  31. Devilsgun says:

    Tough shit, leftchick. Kyle “National Hero” Rittenhouse is a free and soon to be extremely wealthy man.

    Your left-trash loser fucks won’t be able to ever reach his side of the gated fence alive. Fuck off cunt

  32. Garce says:

    Well, Rittenhouse was just found not guilty on all counts so her wish is in its infancy.

  33. Gregor_Hanston says:

    Not guilty! All counts.