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Germany Elects Two Transgender Women to Parliament 

The result is a 'symbol of an open and tolerant society,' according to MP Tessa Ganserer

Two Transgender women have been elected to the German Parliament for the first time following the country’s elections on Sunday.

The politicians are part of the Greens, “a smorgasbord of all kinds of different but primarily left-wing environmental and peace-focused groups and the anti-nuclear power movement,” says The party’s mission is to “reconcile ecological, economic and social sustainability” and their long-term goal is a federal republic of Europe.

The Greens are considered a center-left party that represents the middle class. It came in third this election, and now represents nearly 15% of parliamentary votes. In 2017, the Greens had about 9%.

The politicians, Tessa Ganserer, 44, and Nyke Slawik, 27, both have LGBTQ-related legislative goals.

Slawik, from the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, wants to address homophobia and transphobia nationally and improve federal anti-discrimination law.

Attitudes towards LGBT+ issues in Germany are largely progressive, with a 2018 poll finding that 70 percent of people would support a law requiring insurance companies to pay for gender surgery for transgender people,” per Pink News.

Ganserer wants to allow lesbian mothers to adopt children through legislative changes and create an easier procedure for adding a sex change to identity documents.

The lawmaker was elected in 2013 to Bavaria’s regional parliament while identifying as male and won reelection in 2018 under her former name.

Granserer called the parliamentary victories “a symbol of an open and tolerant society.”

“It is a historic victory for the Greens, but also for the trans-emancipatory movement and for the entire queer community,” Ganserer, who has two sons, told Reuters. 

According to Reuters, “homosexuality was decriminalised in Germany in 1969 and same-sex marriage legalised in 2017. But hate crimes against LGBT+ people jumped by 36% last year, according to police figures that highlight a rising trend of homophobia in parts of German society.”

As of Monday morning, the Social Democratic Party had won the largest share of the vote with over 25% while about 24% of the votes went to the right-leaning bloc of the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union. The bloc was previously lead by Angela Merkel, who is stepping down after 16 years as chancellor.

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5 responses to “Germany Elects Two Transgender Women to Parliament ”

  1. MikeGolfJ3 says:

    You mistitled this: “Germany elects 2 dudes dressed as women”.

  2. Wolv256 says:

    Should not be given power*, not people.

  3. Wolv256 says:

    I believe that a huge amount of the depression and just overall poor behavior we see from people these days is rooted in unhealthy hormone levels. It really can completely change who you are and how you act. I’m sure one day they’ll discover how to change people’s genes and actually change someone’s gender, but until that day, we should not encourage this behavior. Again, not for moral reason, but it can have extreme health and psychological effects on people.

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Look, I sympathize with trans people and am not judging them morally, but these surgeries and hormone levels they maintain do not change their sex and cause massive damage. The public needs to get over the taboo aspect of hormones and educate themselves on the health and psychological aspect of them. I would not trust someone with these hormone levels to be in charge or hold power.

  5. Wolv256 says:

    Stop voting for these people. People are free to live their lives as the wish, but these people should not be given people or allowed to set policy. The hormones that trans people take makes them moodier and more unstable. The high suicide rate in the trans community is not just because society is awful to them (which I’m sure it is), but also most likely often a symptom of unhealthy and unnatural hormone levels. This is a real concern that not enough people talk about because they don’t have the balls to address it. I’m a straight guy, but I recently got on TRT and have experienced unhealthy hormone levels and then had it corrected to healthy high normal levels. I never used steroids previously, but it is shocking the difference in mood and demeanor it can make. Having low-T and non-normal estradiol levels makes you feel super depressed and moody, probably like a women’s period but worse. And the levels at was at before getting on TRT is nothing close to what trans people experience.