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Fox News Will Match Employee Donations to Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the SPLC

Whistleblowers from Fox News have revealed that the company uses an app called “Fox Giving” to match employee donations to approved organizations, which include the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the far-left extremist Southern Poverty Law Center.

Fox News will match donations up to $1,000.

The whistleblowers took the story to The Blaze, which reports that “Fox will subsidize some of the very activist groups that despise and seek the ruin of the network’s viewers, evidencing a ‘complete disregard and hatred’ for its core audience.”

“At one time or another, Fox News has appeared critical of these groups and/or the agendas they help advance — those that revile Christianity, characterize conservative mothers as extremists, kill the unborn, and promote child sex-change mutilations,” the report noted. “However, according to two current Fox News employees and one former Fox News producer, all three of whom spoke to TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from the company, these same groups have ostensibly been eligible for a charitable top-up from Fox.”

An unnamed source who still works at the network told The Blaze, “Fox pretends to care about Christians, but some of the stuff they push internally suggests otherwise. Glory holes, trans surgeries for kids, and potential donations to Satan are a huge slap in the face to every Christian at the company, and we resent it.”

“It offends me personally that this company acts like they support Christians, and yet they’re literally willing to match $1,000 donation to the Satanic Temple,” the employee added.

The donation policy states, “FOX will not match or provide volunteering rewards to : -Donations to organizations that discriminate on the basis of a personal characteristic or attribute, including, but not limited to, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expression, marital status, … pregnancy or medical condition either in its selection of recipients of the organization’s services, funds, or other support; in delivery of services; or in its employment practices.”

The network will not donate to “organizations that are private and non-operating, or political, religious, or fraternal in nature,” but will match donations to the anti-Christian Satanic Temple.

The Satanic Temple is an atheist organization that has filed lawsuits challenging restrictive abortion laws on the grounds that abortion is one of their religious “rituals” and hosts “After School Satan Clubs” for children.

A former employee told the Blaze they were also told to “lay off” transgender TikTok influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney.

“It became clear certain things weren’t going to be tolerated on air any more after Tucker was gone. We were told: Lay off Dylan Mulvaney,” said the former producer. “Once I realized we couldn’t say certain things on air any more, I started to dig more into the reality of the corporate views.”

The Trevor Project is an LGBTQ organization that supports sex change surgeries and hormones for children and hosts a chatroom for “LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13-24” to “explore your identity, get advice, find support, and make friends in a moderated community,” behind their parents’ backs.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is a leftist grievance organization that tends to characterize conservatives, parental rights groups, constitutionalists, and those critical of big government as extremists and bigots,” The Blaze report explains. “For instance, last month, the SPLC deemed Moms for Liberty an ‘anti-government extremist group.’ Fox, which the SPLC previously called a ‘megaphone’ for far-right extremist groups, has even written up some of the SPLC’s various scandals in the past, including the 2012 incident when a gunman attacked the Family Research Council, which he noted he had seen on the SPLC’s ‘hate map.'”

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion organization and provides sex change hormones to minors. They have also challenged anti-abortion laws nationwide since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Timcast News has reached out to Fox News for comment and will update this story if one is provided.

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