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Fox News Claims To Have Secured Exclusive Media Rights To Aug. 23 Republican Primary Debate

The Upcoming Debate Will Be Hosted By The Outlet And Held At Fiserv Forum In Milwaukee

Fox News released a statement claiming it secured “exclusive media rights” to the upcoming Republican primary debate on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The upcoming debate, which will be held at the Fiserv Forum, will be hosted by Fox News.

In a statement shared by radio host and podcaster Chris Stigall, the outlet advises other outlets to “respect” their exclusivity of the broadcast.

“Fox News is telling everyone in media not directly affiliated with them that the August 23rd Republican debate is exclusively theirs and no one is allowed to air any clips of the broadcast beyond three total minutes, and never again after a 7 day window,” the radio host wrote in an X post. “In other words, they’re treating this debate as if it’s an NFL or MLB broadcast.”

“It’s not. This has never been done and deserves a legal challenge.”

“You are hereby advised to respect Fox News’ exclusive rights to the Debate by not broadcasting, transmitting, selling, licensing, giving, bartering, exchanging or otherwise disseminating the Debate, or any portion thereof, regardless of whether Fox News supplied you the Debate or it the Debate or excerpts were supplied to you by other sources,” reads the news release.

The release provides permission for outlets to use debate footage if “an appropriate, unobstructed, on-screen credit” is featured in the upper left or right-hand corner of the screen throughout the entire duration of footage used. The debate excerpt, including radio rebroadcasts, must also be introduced by an audio credit reciting, “In a Debate on the Fox News Channel.”

Footage used from the upcoming debate must also be taped directly from Fox News’ telecast or directly obtained from Fox News. Footage may not be obtained by other forms of transmission and footage originally telecast by Fox News in its entirety may be used.

Footage may not be longer than three minutes and may not be used after Aug. 30. Archiving footage is prohibited, according to the release.

Outlets may only use footage of the debate during regularly scheduled network and local news programs in which news stories constitute the main feature of the program.

Use of debate footage online is permitted, though outlets must use video embed features directly from Foxnews.com’s video player.

“Please advise your affiliates, subscribers, and any other entities to which you provide material for broadcast of these restrictions. Please inform them that they may only use Debate excerpts in their local programming,” the release concludes. “Any use of the Debate, except as specifically described above or as permitted pursuant to Fox News’ agreements with its subscribers and affiliates, will be regarded as a violation of our rights and may subject violators to liability under applicable laws.”

“Fox News reserves all rights and remedies in the event of any violation of its rights.”

Fox News issued similar restrictions during the 2016 Presidential primary debate.

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