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Former President Donald Trump Issues Statement On Eve of January 6

The former president issues a statement on Wednesday criticizing the current administration, asking his supporters to "Rise Up"

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement to his supporters to “rise up” against Democrat overreach. The statement came on the eve of the capitol riots of January 6. 

Tensions have risen as the anniversary of January 6 approached, and the Capitol Police are on high alert during this time.

Thursday morning, President Joe Biden is set to speak from the Capitol on the anniversary of the events that took place one year ago.

The White House said on Wednesday that Biden would push back against Trump’s claims that his election defeat resulted from widespread fraud. The White House also said that they would highlight the events as the worst assault on the Capitol since the War of 1812.

Trump had planned to hold a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thursday. However, after counsel from his allies and other supporters, the Mar-a-Lago event was canceled to avoid further tensions.

On Wednesday evening, Trump issued a statement criticizing President Joe Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic.  

“Now, there’s talk by the Biden Administration again about closing schools and even vaccine mandates for school children,” Trump said. 

“This is an outrage, and MAGA nation should rise up and oppose this egregious federal government overreach.”

“The Democrats are so incredibly mandate happy,” Trump said.

“The Biden Administration’s response to COVID is getting worse every day. Joe Biden said, ‘there is no federal solution’ to the pandemic, but he then federalized the distribution of antibodies, and red states are getting the short end of the stick,” Trump added. 

“In my administration, we respected the role of Governors to take care of their own states, and they could request antibodies and therapeutics depending on what they needed. That’s the way our Country is supposed to be run,” he went on to say.

“People should be able to choose how they want to govern their own health. The federal government must be reined in and give the people back the freedom to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not.”

“Joe Biden said he would never issue mandates, but he did it anyway like so many other things,” Trump Concluded. 

You can read the former President’s statement here:

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3 responses to “Former President Donald Trump Issues Statement On Eve of January 6”

  1. CivilLib says:

    Homer voice: Worst assault on the capital SO FAR.

    They are only encouraging weapons next time. Especially after you clutch your pearls and imprison people without charges for over a year for people who were let in. If you go to this extent to screw people over they will have nothing to lose next time. Think about it, imprisoned forever for being let into a place. In for a penny as they say.

  2. pandusa says:

    Well, I suppose 3 letter agencies may appear on my doorstep. Why? Because Attorney General Garland said so. In his statement he cites” tips from citizens and broadening the search” or some such noisome pestilence. The ones they already have are just charged with low level charges for which they throw high level sentences. ( I am astounded that those people have been in jail for a year without bond or due process ).
    In reality, they have known who and where I am for almost a year (cell phones/bank cards). I did not go in the Capitol but they appear to already have most of those that did (and have arrested others that did not). I believe this is just them shaking their fist to intimidate. I tend to have adverse reactions to a shaking fist, as I do a stick. You could hardly have missed me that day for reasons I shall not go into at present, but figure Christmas gifts should document.
    It seems, the Degenerate Elite are the only ones the FBI and the DOJ seem to be unable to locate and prosecute. I err- there are also pipe bombers at RNC/DNC – and agitator FBI operatives that also seem to elude and confound them.
    The reason they haven’t bothered me , is I pose little or no threat to them. I have very little money or platform and for once, being a “serf” may to my benefit.( Odd, you don’t hear much about the “Insurrection” Capitol BOMBING back in 1983. No one was killed in 1983 , but neither did protesters kill anyone the 6th although they led everyone to believe that for weeks or months. The only killing done appears to have been done by… them. Ashli Babbitt)
    I figure-I have enough: song lyrics, biblical passages, street and nursing with psychiatric unit experience in my head to do ok. Also I can, covertly, be more worrisome than an infestation of bedbugs; IF I am of a mind to. So, IF Elohim sees fit that is the way I should go…I shall go. It would mean Elohim must have need of me there and shall accompany me.
    (Without my medicine, I probably wouldn’t last long anyhow . I have always known, or at least since I was 6 and my brother died, I would not get out of life…alive. )

  3. unspecialnoob says:

    CNN headlines: ‘Disgraced and twice impeached former president Trump calls for new insurrection on eve of his failed coup attempt”

    Msm is the enemy of the people