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Fauci Says to 'Stay Away' From Large Holiday Gatherings, Even if You Had the Booster Shot

Dr. Anthony Fauci is telling Americans to “stay away” from large holiday gatherings — even if they have had the booster shot.

Fauci said that he considers “large” anything over 30 people.

“Those are the kind of functions — in the context of COVID, and particularly in the context of omicron — that you do not want to go to,” Fauci said.

The National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases head made the remarks during a White House COVID-19 task force briefing on Wednesday.

Fauci said that it is safe for those who are fully vaccinated to attend smaller functions.

Just over 30 percent of Americans who are fully vaccinated have also received a booster shot.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday, Fauci urged people not to invite unvaccinated relatives to holiday celebrations.

“I think we’re dealing with a serious enough situation that if there’s an unvaccinated person, I would say, ‘I’m very sorry, but not this time,'” Fauci said during his segment with MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez.

“Maybe another time, when this is all over,” Fauci added.

The doctor also claimed that the omicron variant is “going to find you” if you haven’t been vaccinated.

“It’s the best thing for you and your family but also your societal responsibility to not allow yourself to be a vehicle for spread to someone else who might be very vulnerable,” he said.

Dr. Leana Wen, a professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, said that she does not believe everyone should cancel their holiday plans during an interview with CNN.

“I do think it’s prudent to re-evaluate them and make a risk-benefit calculation based on each family’s circumstance,” Wen said.

Instead, she urged people to use a “two out of three” rule to minimize risks. So, between masking, vaccination and COVID-19 testing, she suggested people use at least two layers of protection.

“If you want to go to an indoor gathering where people are eating and drinking — and therefore unmasked — and it’s an area with high viral spread, you need proof of vaccination and same-day testing,” she said.

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3 responses to “Fauci Says to ‘Stay Away’ From Large Holiday Gatherings, Even if You Had the Booster Shot”

  1. wescom says:

    Tim and tean, please take a gander at this CDC website link. It’s a real dozy and should be front page news. I’m actually surprised it’s still up.

    It is from May of last year. This article did a systematic review (amongst other things,) of all know mask studies from 1947 to present. The authors very clearly state that surgical masks DO NOT WORK to stop or otherwise prevent the spread of influenza. On the other hand, respirator style N95 and the chi-com KN95 masks DO WORK as intended. Influenza…Sars-cov-2? Probably close enough when the discussion is on a community spread respiratory viral infection.

    May of last year?

    Here’s a conspiracy theory: Dr. Fauci had knowledge of this and actually told Americans the truth that many of the masks out there simply did not work and to stop wearing them. Then, when this psycho realized mask wearing was a good indicator of compliance, the real lie gets introduced. Actually two lies in one. Masks work and he told us to stop wearing masks to save them for the medical community. Ut was for our own good. How could there be a shortage of something the medical industry does not need or want because they know it’s pointless?

    Proud member of the LGBFJB team.

    Merry Christmas All! Stay safe.


  2. Wolv256 says:

    Try and execute this evil man for crimes against humanity.

  3. pandusa says:

    Bill Gates reports “he will limit exposure to family and friends holiday gatherings”.
    Family and friends report “relief” at Gates report.
    Fouci- family and friends-Hide your pets (especially beagles and monkeys) . Ideas for New Years resolutions…reevaluate the “company you keep”.