Fan Who Hung ‘Trump Won’ Banner Banned From MLB Games

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

The fan who hung the “Trump won” banner at Major League Baseball fields will no longer be permitted to attend baseball games.

Dion Cini gained notoriety after traveling to “to Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Fenway Park” and displaying a
banner that read “Trump Won.”

Cini was ejected from each stadium but never arrested.

The Trump supporter made an announcement about “#OperationFlagDrop” to his Twitter following on Sunday.

“Following each incident, Cini has posted body-camera footage of the spectacle to his Twitter and Youtube channels. The reactions he’s gotten from fans and security have differed each time; in one case, police even protected Cini from angry fans,” Business Insider reported.

At the New York Yankees vs the Toronto Blue Jays game on May 27th, Cini and his co-conspirators were allowed to keep the sign.

On May 29th at the New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves game, “a fan shoved [Cini]from behind” while he talked to police about the banner. “Two policemen then slammed the fan against the wall, tackled him to the ground, and escorted him out of the stadium in handcuffs, the footage shows.”

Most recently, Fenway Park security escorted Cini from the stadium and did not return the banner.

Finally, on June 11th, the 52-year old received a letter banning him from all 30 MLB-Stadiums.

According to The Daily Mail, “Cini, a New York native, responded to his indefinite suspension by urging his Twitter followers to attend MLB games to unfurl their own ‘Trump Won’ banners, which he happens to sell online. Previously, Cini was reportedly banned at Disney World for holding up a ‘Trump 2020’ sign on a ride.”

Despite the MLB’s actions, copcats have taken up the cause. At a Miami MArlins game, five people were ejected for unfurling banners that read “Trump Won, Take Back America” and “Proud Boys Did Nothing Wrong — Free All Political Prisoners 1/6/21.”

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18 responses to “Fan Who Hung ‘Trump Won’ Banner Banned From MLB Games”

  1. MisterRepublic says:

    LOL, civil disobedience at its best.


    That’s no surprise, being a beta free zone.

  3. Cleffy says:

    It’s because he didn’t pay the MLB for the ad space.

  4. Inspectorwilliams says:

    What they ought to have done is unfurled a banner that said “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Held the banner up for a few minutes, than unfurl the rest of the banner to reveal “TRUMP SUPPORTING BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Oh the rage it would have caused.

  5. dpheitz says:

    God bless these courageous folks! I pray the trend continues. If this flag is not true, then why are they so afraid of a little flag? Why are they so afraid that they have fences, barb-wire and boots-on-the-ground in DC if they didn’t do anything wrong. “The rules are simple, they lie to us, we know they are lying but they keep lying anyway, and we keep pretending to believe them” – Elena Gorokhova from “A Mountain of Crumbs”

  6. JamesEagle says:

    Should’ve had a BLM sign or pride flag and you would be praised

  7. TheComedian says:

    Hell ya!

  8. The dude in the “SpEcIaL OpErAtIoNs” redbubble shirt is on the biggest power trip XD

  9. redxpen says:

    Straight up, UFC is the new American sport. None of this nonsense happens to thier fans or athletes

  10. Nyarlethotep says:

    haha legit

  11. Shadowsavitar says:

    That is a true peaceful protest. Love it

  12. Bigly12025 says:

    This is an awesome example of patriots taking action. Go to his website and keep doing it everywhere until 80 million Americans are banned.

  13. We all need to be warriors like these gentlemen. We can all make a difference together… no matter what we believe. Whatever you think is right or wrong we the people need to start pushing back against these politicians and their push to strip our freedoms from us.

  14. Rock_N_R0b says:

    Doesn’t matter what you see
    Or into it what you read
    You can do it your own way
    If it’s done just how I say

  15. ZeroSigma says:

    We need more warriors like these dudes

  16. Superbandit says:

    As someone who generally doesn’t care about sports, I don’t care about this either… I may be wrong but they made their statement and got the attention they wanted so it’s a win for them right?

  17. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    Yes, it is insane, but the people can’t possibly be allowed to express their own opinion anymore. Unless it is in support of Biden, naturally.

  18. Devlax1952 says:

    Not even a trump guy and banning the fan for that is insane.