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Family Guy Releases 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Style Pro-Vaccine Ad (VIDEO)

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has released a Schoolhouse Rock! style ad urging people to get vaccinated.

The three minute long cartoon features Peter Griffin expressing vaccine hesitancy at the doctor’s office.

“Think of the vaccine as a large, ethnic bouncer, [and] COVID as the drunk, entitled white kid yelling, ‘Do you know who my father is?'” the doctor tells the animated character.

Baby Stewie hops in to help convince his cartoon father to get the jab.

“Vaccines have been around for hundreds of years. They helped eliminate smallpox from the face of the Earth and they’re well on their way to doing the same with polio,” Stewie says. “Those were once devastating diseases, you understand. And now, thanks to vaccines, you don’t even have to worry about them.”

Stewie and Brian, the dog, then take a journey inside Peter’s body to explain how vaccines work.

“The more quickly we all get vaccinated, the more quickly we can all get back to doing the things we love safely,” says Stewie, in the highly dystopian ad.

“Right, like that chick at the bowling alley,” Brian adds.

“I was thinking of like, concerts,” Stewie replies.

The Hill reports that the video was produced by Fox Entertainment, the Ad Council’s “It’s Up to You” COVID-19 vaccine education initiative, 20th Television Animation and Fuzzy Door.

Disney Television Studios said in a statement that the goal of the video is to “educate, entertain and encourage the millions of unvaccinated citizens around the globe to feel confident getting vaccinated against COVID-19,” but it told “with all the irreverence and hilarity from which ‘Family Guy’ is known.”

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13 responses to “Family Guy Releases ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Style Pro-Vaccine Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    So basically just watch these shows on “alternate” “streaming” platforms ” the internet, with a VPN, so you can still watch the stuff but without it counting for their demographic tracking through cable and streaming services.

  2. Scafflaww says:

    This “message” is NOT for the type of people that are critical thinkers, it is nothing more than Family Guy showing their parent company (Disney) that they are worthy of a renewed contract.

  3. DemonEyesJason says:

    I watched the whole thing and all I felt was propaganda and misinformation. About the only thing I agree with is Peter getting it because let’s face it, guy is a walking comorbidity and would be one dying from COVID.

  4. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    FG loves its cringe ass musical bits.

  5. Robbylightspeed says:

    As Tim pointed out,
    Find a doctor who will prescribe or administer the shot…
    Go on….

  6. Dickie_Greenleaf says:

    Fuck Seth MacFarlane. Cucked beyond belief.

  7. Wolv256 says:

    It also means you could get myocarditis. The risks of the vaccine are greater than the so-called benefits of it.

    I got Covid early on. It was really bad and scary. It was no joke, it hit me hard. Then I got the Moderna vaccine. Both doses made me bed-ridden for a week. The vaccine is not safe and side effect free. Now ever since getting the vaccine I can feel my heart in my chest. It feels like my heart is constantly inflamed or something. I am concerned.

    Oh, and now five months later after getting the vaccine, I am now sick with the delta variant. It’s been two weeks and I still feel like crap.

    The vaccine does not work and I am now terrified what the did to me.

    Fuck these people. They are not the good guys.

  8. SuperTired says:

    You getting the shot does not mean you’re necessarily protecting those around you, I don’t think that’s how it works. You can still carry the virus even if you’ve taken the vaccine, it just means you’ll likely be more immune to it than most. This video seems a little misleading.

  9. Devilsgun says:

    Shut up, Meg…

    I’d put this down as Family Guy’s “Pickle Rick” moment, but there’ve been sooooo many with them over the years. There will probably be a quick, disposable ‘cutaway scene’ from them a while from now when the Vaxxpocalypse hits and people drop dead en masse

  10. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck you, Seth. Fuck you.

  11. Reptilian says:

    I’m sure they discussed in great detail how these current injections are simply prophylactic therapeutics intended to mitigate COVID-19 symptoms, as opposed to a vaccine which actually provides immunity to the SARS CoV-2 virus.

  12. Cassandra your articles reads like an AI was told to act human and write news articles but it just cant completely cover up its “machine accent” when writing them lol

  13. ThisGuythat1Time says:

    Except you won’t find any Dr. that will prescribe or administer the vaccine.

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