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EXCLUSIVE: Gays Against Groomers Member Files FOIA Request After California City Opens Investigation

'When I First Attempted To Raise The Issues During [Mayor Pro Tem] Alarcón's Installment, I Was Physically Restrained, Chastised, And Had My Microphone Silenced During My Public Comment'

Gays Against Groomers’ Mario Estrada, who professionally goes by “Mario Presents,” announced he is filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding a California city’s investigation into him.

On Tuesday, Estrada, who refers to himself as an “Activated American,” serves as Director of Chapters for Gays Against Groomers and Information Caption for Palmdale, California’s Freedom Coalition. He revealed the City of Palmdale’s communications office opened an investigation on him.

Palmdale’s investigation reportedly involves collecting information on Estrada’s social media posts, video appearances, and city council appearances, according to his Tuesday YouTube video.

The Activated American said he believes the investigation is in retaliation for his late December speech during a city council meeting revealing the city’s newly appointed Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Alarcón’s controversial past.

“When I first attempted to raise the issues during Alarcón’s installment, I was physically restrained, chastised, and had my microphone silenced during my public comment,” Estrada told Timcast.

“I’m dead serious about finding out what’s in my file,” he wrote on Twitter.

Estrada is requesting the release of all records under the California Public Records Act of the California Constitution, including copies of all records in the office’s possession, regardless of who created them.

“Please provide all records in your agency’s possession up until the date that this request was received,” reads the letter submitted by Estrada. “I seek a copy of all records relating to the city aggregation of data regarding Mario Estrada, aka Mario Presents.”

The FOIA request seeks records relating to screen captures and images collected from social media, selected footage and videos from city council meetings, as well as all communications from City Council members and city employees regarding Estrada.

The Gays Against Groomers Director of Chapters is also seeking information on existing files in the City communications office.

“I’m not intimidated by my city at all,” Estrada said in a YouTube video.

“Through my work with the Palmdale Freedom Coalition, I have had many interactions with city officials and never once have I heard of the city aggregating someone’s data,” Estrada told Timcast. “Newly elected Alarcón is a lawyer from Malibu working with and for an attorney who has in the past sued the city of Palmdale and collected over $7 million in settlements — Shankman & Hughes.”

He continued:

Last night for the first time ever, City Hall had physical barriers surrounding the building before the council meeting began, and were removed when the council closed down for the evening. This behavior by a city is creating the narrative that they fear for their safety when in fact it is myself and the members of the Palmdale Freedom Coalition who’ve been assaulted, spat on, run over — yes, by a car — and now investigated. This does not deter me or the group and I hope to inspire others to get involved at the local level.

“I’m doing what every American should be doing once they become activated in their community,” Estrada concluded. “Councils, including school and hospital boards, take direction from their constituents and we should be there telling them how we feel.”

Last year, the City of Palmdale enacted a rotating Mayorship among the five City Council members representing the city, including District 1’s Austin Bishop, District 2’s Richard Loa, District 3’s Laura Bettencourt, District 4’s Eric Ohlsen, and District 5’s Alarcón. Bettencourt assumed former Mayor Steve Hoffbauer’s seat following the policy enactment in November.

“We’re going backward,” Hoffbauer told the AV Press in March 2022. “This isn’t an issue of power, but one of influence in relation to other cities and Boards.”

Alarcón previously served as Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works president before resigning in January 2013 following allegations of driving under the influence and child endangerment.

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