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Ex-Obama Doctor: Biden Needs a ‘Cognitive Exam Now’, President Has ‘Completely Lost It’

"This is a national security issue at this point..."

Former White House doctor turned Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson issued a dire warning about the state of Joe Biden’s mental health over the weekend; saying the Commander-in-Chief needs a “cognitive exam now” to determine his fitness for office.

Jackson did not hold back as he took to Twitter demanding that the president has “completely LOST it!”

“Our cities are EXPLODING with drugs & violence because of Democrat  ‘defund the police’ policies and the GREAT UNITER Joe Biden deflects to talk about ‘sucking blood out of kids.’ He’s completely LOST it! Needs a cognitive exam NOW!,” posted the physician on social media.

The congressman was referring to an interaction between Biden and a reporter, in which he changed the subject from defunding the police to “sucking the blood out of kids.”

“Are there people in the Democrat Party who want to defund the police?” yelled one journalist.

“Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” responded the President.


Jackson made similar comments after watching the President’s televised town hall event on CNN last week.

“Where are the people in our academic medicine that were out there calling for President Trump to have a cognitive test? Where are these people?” Jackson said. “There’s something seriously going on with this man right now. And you know, I think that he’s either gonna, he’s either gonna resign, they’re going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues, or they’re going to have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this man right now. There’s some serious stuff going on right now.”

“This is a national security issue at this point,” he added.

Last month, Jackson and a dozen Republican House Members released a letter calling on Biden to take a mental health exam -as President Trump did- after taking office.

“The American people … deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader,” the Republicans wrote.

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17 responses to “Ex-Obama Doctor: Biden Needs a ‘Cognitive Exam Now’, President Has ‘Completely Lost It’”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    I’m pretty sure it was done with contract work, not full time employees, Buddy. I doubt firing them is an option. Also, chill out, let’s see you create something? Maybe try some gratitude and positivity?

  2. Wolv256 says:

    He doesn’t need a cognitive test, he needs prison.

  3. stoofvlees says:

    The Los Angeles fetus disposal scandal with the jewish doctor still scares the shit out of me, 16 000 fetuses man. What are you doing with those?

  4. Vashts1985 says:

    democrats actually have called for defuding the police. does that mean the adrenachrome thing is real too?

  5. daver987 says:

    I’m sorry dude but whoever built this site for you needs to be fired yesterday, The last site was really poor but this one is equally as bad. I’m super disappointed. UI/UX is horrible, the Navbar is too big, the menu on the left is too big and your gonna outgrow WordPress quickly. I bet you paid some good $$$ you should get a refund.

  6. Wolv256 says:

    Alex Jones is always right.

  7. Devilsgun says:

    No surprise here. “President” Bumbles was always a Trojan Horse to get the septic bitch Kamala into the White House.

    My my, what a dignified way to get the ‘First Female President of Color” into office… Run her unlikable carcass up into Bumblin’ Biden’s backside, waltz him in under ‘questionable circumstances’, discard the bumbling husk ASAP, and voila, Herstory is made right folks? Girl Power and all that shit, yes? Pathetic. The vile modern DNC will do anything to gain power and sympathy from the hordes of ignorant, gormless Default Liberals that ‘Vote Blue No Matter Who’

  8. Wolv256 says:

    Sir, you have no right to mock any anti-aging theories, no matter how crazy they may be. You are withering away and dying right before our eyes.

  9. Lcrand029 says:

    I was guessing about 6 months before they used the 25th to remove him, or kamala just pushes him up the stairs. 7-8 months is pretty close

  10. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    The left can’t ignore the craziest aspects of right-wing ideology, and thus because they are inherently untrustworthy, duplicitous and unintelligent, the conspiracy theories get life breathed into them every time they acknowledge them. It’s one of the few times the right actually dictates discussion to the left, when it’s usually the right that’s on defense. Like a periodic excursion across the Rhine and Danube by the late Imperial Roman Empire, who was usually responding to their borders being violated by Germanic tribes. Ultimately, we see how being on the defense constantly worked out for them…

  11. colinconn says:

    Well this definitely explains his vampiric-like behavior around small children. Evidence adds up. /s

  12. Wolv256 says:

    Fake news. No Democrat is cognitively adequate to run this country.

  13. Wolv256 says:

    The Democrats are sucking blood from and sucking off kids. They are evil Satanic monsters. No, this is not hyperbole, that is who they are. Wake up! And all you who voted for them are complicit.

  14. RRoof3 says:

    So, for all the talk that Trump lost his mind and needed a cognitive exam during his term, when the crows come home to roost on Biden, and he’s forced to leave the office due to ailing health and/or cognitive decline, be it 25th or resignation, will that finally be the impetus that wakes up the U.S. majority to the media lie parade? It just baffles me the things that come out of his mouth – and the things that fail to come out of his mouth – on frequent occasions, and the MSM acts as if everything’s totally normal, in fact, better than normal.

  15. Plaguen says:

    Young blood and adrenochrome, the Global Elite way.

  16. MagisterStiner says:

    slurpidy slurp

  17. Cursed108 says:

    sucking the blood out of kids might just explain how that skeleton is still walking…