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Ex-Girlfriend of Prince Andrew Says Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Were 'Like Brothers'

Lady Victoria Hervey, the ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, claims that former President Bill Clinton and late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were “like brothers.”

Hervey, 45, was a close friend of convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell for over two decades. Though the friendship lasted for so long, she claims that she was unaware of what was going on because she was “really young and naïve.”

The claims from Hervey, the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, were made in a newly released documentary titled Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Pedophile.

“Clinton was definitely very close to Jeffrey,” Lady Hervey said in the film. “I don’t know if you saw the paintings that were in Jeffrey Epstein’s house? One of them being a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing the dress that Monica Lewinsky wore when they had the affair.”

The well-connected socialite added, “so yeah, he was super close to Jeffrey Epstein. They were like brothers, you know, and he was close to Ghislaine as well.”

Hervey also claimed that Epstein and Maxwell used her status as an “it” girl as “bait” to lure in young girls, the Washington Examiner reports. She explained that there was a similar motivation for the group hanging around with Prince Andrew.

“Prince Andrew was a son of the Queen of England. Americans love that. Jeffery loved that. Bill Clinton loved that,” according to Hervey.

Hervey said that she does not think that Epstein would have been as successful with his efforts to lure in young girls without Maxwell, comparing them to “Batman and Robin.”

“I don’t think Jeffrey could have done any of it without Ghislaine,” she said. “It was kind of like a Batman and Robin, and they were a double act.”

Though Maxwell was a prominent guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, the former president has claimed that he was not very close to Epstein.

Prince Andrew was recently barred from using the title of “Royal Highness” over his involvement in the Epstein scandal.

A representative for Clinton previously told the New York Post that the former president “knows nothing about the serious crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to.” The paper reports that they also claimed the men met only a “handful of times,” and that Clinton “not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade” prior to his death.

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11 responses to “Ex-Girlfriend of Prince Andrew Says Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Were ‘Like Brothers’”

  1. Moiseevy1 says:

    No shit? Well I mean they all fuck the same girls without condoms, I guess you need some sort of trust for that.

  2. nukedaddy777 says:

    Even his own will soon start eating him. Saint John Chrysostom might point out “he is being assailed by the accusations of the very men who sang his praises. “Why,” says one, “did he run riot? Why was he in love with splendor? for what reason did he gratify harlots and players?” Oh man without pity! Didst thou not marvel at him? Didst thou not sing his praise? Didst thou not lead him on to his present state by thy applause and flatteries? Didst thou not call him “Nile” and “Ocean”? Didst thou not spend all day in singing his praises? Whence thy sudden change of heart? And when pity is called for, dost thou accuse most bitterly those whom formerly thou didst applaud? If, when we see a man being punished among those whom we accuse, we are not so stony-hearted as not to be moved, ought we not to be moved to pity all the more when we behold those in misfortune whom we belauded? But now thou art an accuser. When he gave thee pleasure with the spectacle, when thou didst pass the whole day neglecting all thy affairs, why didst thou not accuse him then?

    Dost thou see of what kind are the Devil’s works? Of what kind the fruits of Vainglory? I have called them ashes and dust. Nay, I see that they are not alone ashes and dust, but fire and smoke too; for the mischief does not stop at the point when enjoyment has ceased but endures until misfortunes overwhelm. It is ashes and dust for those who expend much and reap nothing, but it is so no less for those who suffer the misfortunes that I have just described.”

  3. Marcos says:

    Interest read

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Eskimo brothers

  5. Agstar says:

    So… they are “Eskimo Brothers”… sorry, first thing I though when I read the title…

  6. Wolv256 says:

    Look, we know what they did, arrest all of them: Clinton, Gates, Andrew, etc… Until you do, I have no faith in your legal system or country.

  7. mitchellbk says:

    I’m just going to leave this here:

  8. HerrDoktor says:

    Seen Bill lately? He has no reason to defend himself. He’s practically at death’s door. His strategy is likely just Biden his time while he waits for the ol’ ticker to give up.

  9. pandusa says:

    Clinton also told the America people “I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN”. When DNA evidence appeared to the contrary he-changed the definition of sexual relations. That sounds familiar. Kind of a preview of coming attractions for his party?

  10. MontyLalado says:

    You know what they say, birds of a pedophile feather molest together

  11. thndrbrd says:

    Anyone taking odds on how long it takes for Billy to use the Reagan defense?

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