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Elijah Schaffer Dropped From BlazeTV In Late Night Tweet

The Controversial Host Confirmed He Was Fired But Assured Viewers He Would Independently Continue Working

Elijah Schaffer, who hosted two shows with BlazeTV, has reportedly been released from the company according to a tweet late Monday night.

Schaffer, who hosted Slightly Offens*ve and You Are Here with co-host Sydney Watson, was let go by the media outlet founded by Glenn Beck, the company confirmed on Twitter. Schaffer, who reportedly has made outlandish statements in the past, had not appeared on the platform since late August for the last episode of Slightly Offens*ve. You Are Here previously announced the show would be on hiatus in an April tweet after only streaming on the platform since September 2021.

“Following an investigation regarding a recent personnel matter, Elijah Schaffer’s employment with Blaze Media has been terminated for violating company policies and standards,” BlazeTV reported in a Twitter statement.

Schaffer responded to BlazeTV’s statement confirming, “Guys it’s true, it’s been a long time coming, I am no longer an employee with The Blaze. While I am grateful for my experience with them over the years, it’s time for me to go back to being independent.”

In a follow-up tweet, Schaffer expanded, “I am unable to go into details, but I assure you my commitment to the cause is unwavering & I will not stop fighting for you. I am thankful for everyone, especially the SOBs, who have supported me along the way and I can’t wait to show you what’s next.”

Twitter users speculated Schaffer’s firing was related to his past comments on Mormonism in May.

“Mormons are not Christians. Very nice people. Love them. Much of my family are LDS. But they are going to hell. Not followers of truth. Makes me sad, but can’t deny the Gospel. I struggle in many ways too, so can’t condemn, but can’t pretend their faith isn’t already condemned,” Schaffer tweeted.

The morning after Schaffer’s tweet, Beck, who is a Mormon, responded “Elijah, thank goodness you know THE TRUTH. Assuming I’m one of the ‘many’ nice people, who the Lord has made clear to you is condemned, I just need to know if you still want a guy who is going to hell as a mentor?”

Schaffer clarified his statement, “Appreciate you deeply as a mentor & example. I know this specific comment on Christian doctrine is one of the few we disagree on. Nothing but respect for you in the political sphere & your heart for this country regardless. My views on the LDS church don’t change that.”

It is unclear whether Schaffer’s firing was related to his previous comments as of Tuesday.

Texas-based BlazeTV is a division of conservative company Blaze Media, originally founded by Beck in 2018 after CRTV LLC merged with TheBlaze. The network is home to other prominent conservatives including Steven Crowder who hosts Louder With Crowder, Dave Rubin’s The Rubin Report, and Fearless With Jason Whitlock. Founder Beck currently hosts both Glenn TV and The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Glenn Beck “runs” BlazeTV. The article has been updated accordingly. After the article’s publication, Timcast received a statement at 8:45 pm on Sept. 20 from BlazeTV President Gaston Mooney saying that Schaffer’s firing “had nothing to do with Mormonism tweets.”

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