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Dylan Mulvaney Travels To Peru, Says It's 'Sad' Leaving USA 'To Feel Safe'

'This Trip ... Just Has Me Feeling Like I'm My Own Best Friend Again'

TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a transgender woman, said it was sad traveling to Peru to “feel safe.”

Mulvaney detailed the trip in a recent TikTok video.

“I’m in Peru, and I’m at Machu Picchu,” Mulvaney introduced the video saying the 15th century Inca citadel was beautiful.

“I’m here by myself,” the TikTok influencer said, adding Mulvaney used to frequently travel alone. “I’m telling you, it’s the best. If you could ever do a solo trip somewhere, it is such a good way to get to know yourself better.”

Mulvaney said the TikTok influencer went to Peru to “feel something,” detailing the transgender activist had experienced shaman ceremonies that were “10 years worth of therapy.”

“The people here are so kind,” Mulvaney continued. “I feel very safe here.”

“It’s a little sad that I had to leave my country to feel safe. But that will get better eventually.”


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“I am so content,” Mulvaney continued, adding the transgender activist still had not been kissed since they began identifying as a transgender woman last year. “I’m holding out hope.”

“This trip … just has me feeling like I’m my own best friend again,” Mulvaney said, calling it the best feeling in the world. “I hope that you feel that way about yourself too.”

Mulvaney has shared a handful of videos addressing controversy following Bud Light’s decision to sponsor the transgender activist.

In late June, the TikTok influencer referred to the sponsorship as “just an Instagram video.”

“I took a brand deal with a company that I loved and I posted a sponsored video to my page,” Mulvaney said of the now infamous Bud Light advertisement. “It must have been a slow news week because the way that this ad got blown up, you would have thought I was like on a billboard or on a TV commercial or something major, but no, it was just an Instagram video.”

Mulvaney referenced the Bud Light can featuring the TikTok influencer on the label saying the can was currently lost after Mulvaney hid it.

“When I do find it, I feel like it needs to go in a museum, preferably behind bulletproof glass,” Mulvaney said with a concerned look to the camera. “I’m bringing it up because what transpired from that video was more bullying and transphobia than I could have ever imagined.”

Mulvaney said the TikTok influencer wished they made the video months ago, though didn’t out of fear of continued backlash along with feeling personally guilty for the controversy.

“I patiently waited for things to get better … they haven’t really,” Mulvaney said adding the TikTok influencer was waiting for Bud Light to reach out regarding the controversy, though Mulvaney never heard from the company.

“For months now, I’ve been scared to leave my house. I’ve been ridiculed in public. I’ve been followed.”

“I have felt a loneliness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

Mulvaney suggested transgender-identifying people were also customers of Bud Light.

“I know a lot of trans and queer people who love beer,” the TikTok influencer said. “I have some lesbian friends who could drink some of those haters under the table.”

“To turn a blind eye and pretend everything is okay, it just isn’t an option right now,” Mulvaney said. “There should be nothing controversial or divisive about working with us.”

Mulvaney referenced positive experiences accepting brand deals from other companies saying, “caring about the LGBTQ+ community requires a lot more than just a donation somewhere during Pride month.”

Mulvaney concluded the video by encouraging viewers to donate to the Transgender Law Center.

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