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Donald Trump Jr. Proposes Laura Loomer As White House Press Secretary

'I'd love to see her as press secretary ... to see D.C. just explode'

Donald Trump Jr. said he wants investigative journalist Laura Loomer to serve as White House press secretary.

Trump Jr. made his comment during a Thursday episode of his podcast Triggered which streams exclusively on Rumble.

While fielding questions from viewers, one person said Loomer was a “warrior” for the host’s father, former President Donald Trump. The viewer also said he hopes the investigative journalist serves as White House press secretary.

“She’s a bulldog, man,” Trump Jr. said of Loomer, who is an ardent Trump supporter. “She gets after it.”

“I’d love to see her as press secretary just to see D.C. just explode,” he added, holding back laughter.

“There’s a couple people that you could put in positions like that,” he added and suggested Justice Neil Gorsuch’s law clerk, Mike Davis, could serve as attorney general.

“You almost have to,” the former President’s son said of Loomer and others serving in administrative positions.

Trump Jr. said he would be happy having Loomer or Davis serve in their proposed aforementioned positions as “interim” positions “just to send that shot across the bow of the swamp.”

The former President’s son also suggested former acting United States secretary of defense Kash Patel as an interim attorney general.

“Put Laura Loomer as press secretary for just a couple of days,” he said. “These losers … they’ll figure out exactly how easy their job is before that.”

The investigative journalist responded to Trump Jr.’s suggestion in an X post.

“BASED!” Loomer said. “I gladly accept.”

“PRESS SECRETARY LAURA LOOMER!” she added. “I like the sound of that! When do I start?”

One X user said Loomer as press secretary would garner “more viewers per press conference than the Super Bowl.”

Another user critical of Loomer said her serving as press secretary would keep the “grift” alive.

In August, shortly after the former president’s mugshot from Fulton County Jail was released, the investigative journalist purchased over $400 of merchandise from Trump’s website in support of his legal fees and 2024 presidential campaign.

“I just ordered 6 Donald Trump mug shot shirts. I ordered 2 in multiple styles and colors so that I can wear the same shirt every day of the week,” the investigative journalist wrote to X. “I also just bought 5 Donald Trump Mug Shot coffee mugs and two packs of bumper stickers from President Trump’s website!”

“Happy to send Donald Trump $452 tonight to send a message to those who are attacking him,” she added.

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