DHS Warns of Domestic Violent Extremist Activity Following Abortion Decision

Leftist group says it’s 'open season' and that 'the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive'

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a bulletin warning of domestic violent extremist (DVE) activity in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

DHS expects violence could occur for weeks, basing their assessment on “an observed increase in violent incidents across the United States following the unauthorized disclosure in May of a draft majority opinion on the case.”

The memo designates federal and state government officials — including judges — as being most at risk for violence in response to the historic 6-3 decision.

DHS called left-wing group “Jane’s Revenge” a “network of loosely affiliated suspected violent extremists,” linking them to arson attacks against ideological opponents. Jane’s Revenge, the memo noted, began hanging posters and shared a post online encouraging a “night of rage” after the Supreme Court announcement, saying “we need the state to feel our full wrath” and “we need them to be afraid of us.”


“First amendment-protected events following the released decision also probably will be attractive targets for a range of DVEs to commit violence against ideological opponents,” the memo reads, before again referencing pro-abortion activist group Jane’s Revenge.

Hours after the Court decision was rendered, Jane’s Revenge released an audio communication threatening pro-life groups, stating it’s “open season” and that “the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive.”

DHS warns that violence could escalate against reproductive and family planning healthcare facilities, designating them “primary targets for criminal incidents.” The memo notes that since May there have been at least three separate arson attacks targeting pregnancy resource centers in Oregon, New York, and Wisconsin.

Officials are aware of “at least 11 incidents of vandalism threatening violence targeting religious facilities perceived as being opposed to abortion, and one threat to ‘bomb’ and ‘burn’ a church in New York,” according to the memo. “These incidents of vandalism against faith-based organizations could indicate future targets of DVE attacks.”

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