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DeSantis Details Plan To Rebuild American Economy

'The Goal Of Our Declaration Of Economic Independence Is Simple: We Win. They Lose'

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination in the 2024 Presidential Election, detailed his plan to restore the American economy in a USA Today op-ed.

“America is in a state of decline – militarily, culturally and economically – and the American dream is slipping away from our nation’s middle class,” the Florida governor wrote, mentioning federal policies over the last few years including COVID-19 lockdowns and spending limit increases. “Buying a home, purchasing a car or starting a family is too expensive for many Americans.”

DeSantis noted politicians in Washington, D.C. have refused to change course after implementing aforementioned policies.

“In Florida, we’ve fought back.”

DeSantis detailed Florida’s efforts to curb COVID-19 policies, protect small businesses, protect freedom, and preserve youth education within the Sunshine State.

“We cut against the grain of elite opinion and faced massive blowback for bucking the system – but we stood our ground,” he continued. “We fought for Floridians who were ignored by the elites, who didn’t have a voice and whose livelihoods hung in the balance. We were their voice, we were their fighter – and we won.”

“We will take that same spirit to Washington to fight for Americans across the nation.”

DeSantis referenced his declaration of independence, released late last month, saying the agenda must focus on rebuilding the American dream for the middle class.

“We want to be a country that makes things, where a family can raise children on a single income, and where young people can develop the skills and values necessary to build a decent life and contribute to their communities,” the Florida governor said. “The goal of our declaration of economic independence is simple: We win. They lose.”

DeSantis criticized President Biden’s economic policies, referred to as Bidenomics, saying his administration would distance America from China and restore economic sovereignty by reversing the trade deficit, banning the import of goods designed by stolen intellectual property, and incentivize the repatriation of United States capital from China.

“President Joe Biden’s job-crippling and ideological regulations and executive orders will be reversed on Day One,” he said.

The Florida governor also said he would use all available constitutional authority to “restore accountability in the executive branch, move agencies out of Washington, D.C.,” as well as slash the bureaucratic state, “restrict foreign lobbying and post-employment revolving doors by former government officials, and ban individual stock trading by members of Congress and executive branch officials.”

“We will end environmental, social and governance investing standards and incentivize investment in America’s future,” he wrote. “I don’t care if someone is trying to sell fossil fuels, firearms or French fries, there will be no ideological litmus test for getting a loan, establishing a bank account or running your business.”

“Our challenge is to reclaim this century for America. If we meet the moment, a brighter future will be on the horizon,” the Florida governor wrote. “We must be a society in which Americans who work hard and get the most of their God-given abilities are able to succeed, buy a home and raise a family.”

“My promise is that I will always fight for our citizens, our families, our future and our way of life – and I will never back down,” he concluded. “We will take back control of our destiny and ensure that our future is proud, independent and free.”

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