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Democrat Equates ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Flag Burning

Representative Gloria Johnson's comment was derided on Twitter

A state representative in Tennessee believes using the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!” is the equivalent of burning the American flag.

Democrat Representative Gloria Johnson posted her opinion on Twitter in response to an anonymous user who compared using the slogan to chanting “overrated” at an opposing sports team.

“As a friend said, I think it should be equated with burning the flag,” Johnson wrote. “In essence, that’s what they are doing.”

The retired special education teacher defended her comment, which she noted was “not a legal take” but rather “a person’s opinion.” 

“And as a few were smart enough to understand-both are protected speech,” she added.

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. Johnson that burning the American flag was a legal form of speech protected by the First Amendment. Desecrating the flag was illegal in most parts of the country before the ruling.

Johnson’s message was ridiculed by other Twitter users.

From Mediaite:

The phrase arose after a NASCAR event in Talladega, Alabama as fans chanted a vulgar phrase about Biden as an NBC reporter attempted to interview driver Brandon Brown. ‘As you can hear the chants from the crowd, “Let’s go, Brandon!”’ the reporter informed viewers.”

Johnson has not responded to a request for comment from Fox News. She represents House District 13, which is west of Knoxville. In addition to her political work, Johnson is an educational consultant. According to her website, she is a “strong advocate for public education, affordable health care, our Tennessee mountains, and good jobs with good wages.”

Johnson caught local media attention in January after she used Twitter to publicly denounce the office that was assigned to her in the Cordell Hull Building, which she says is a windowless closet.

Johnson speculated that she was assigned the small space because of “petty politics” after she was the only house member who did not vote to re-elect Speaker Cameron Sexton.

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6 responses to “Democrat Equates ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Flag Burning”

  1. Heathenairsoftnj says:

    The democrats are perfectly fine with flag burning so I assume they’re perfectly fine with saying fuck Joe Biden.

  2. darkktur says:

    I’m ok with that

  3. WhiteCoyoteSpeaks says:

    I thought flag burning was a good thing? That’s all half this nation did last year was.

  4. Kpod says:

    I mean, and I say this as a veteran, burning the flag isn’t the end of the world. I remember having a flag-burning ceremony when I was a cub scout, because that particular flag had touched the ground. There is enormous philosophical significance in our right to burn our flag, in and of itself, as well as deep virtue exhibited by our abstaining the exercise of that right. I would in fact argue that our right to burn our own nation’s flag, the symbol of our sovereignty, is sacred within the American ethos.

    The flag represents the sovereignty of the people of the United States, not the office or person of the presidency.

  5. TopGundy says:

    I mean we could just go back to “fuck Joe Biden” but the whole “lets go Brandon” thing is both a fuck you to Biden and corporate media.

  6. toniThatcher says:

    The Democrats must be very pleased that others are using their tactics also..