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Daily Wire Introduces Jeremy's Chocolate In Response To Hershey's #HERForSHE Campaign Featuring Biological Male

'Indulge In The Chocolate Binary. One With Nuts, One Without. You Know Which Is Which.'

The Daily Wire is releasing a candy bar in response to Hershey’s recent “her for she” campaign celebrating International Women’s Day.

Jeremy’s Chocolate, a product extension of the conservative podcast company’s Jeremy’s Razors brand introduced last year, will feature a milk chocolate bar along with a milk chocolate with nuts option similar to Hershey’s staple candy bar.

“The people asked and we answered,” said Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing in a press release issued to Timcast News. “Thanks to Jeremy’s Chocolate, you can stop eating chocolate that hates you. Harry’s Razors hates you; Disney hates you; and now Hershey’s hates you. As long as corporations and institutions across America continue to alienate half the country, The Daily Wire will continue building alternatives. Stop giving your money to woke chocolate companies that hate you.”

The Daily Wire released a 48-second ad on Friday introducing the product titled, “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“International Women’s Day is upon us again,” Boreing says walking alongside the conservative podcast company’s Brett Cooper. “But our friends over at Hershey’s, they don’t even know what a woman is.”

“They’ve hired a biological male to be the spokesperson for their Women’s Day campaign,” Boreing continued, referencing the appearance of Fae Johnstone, who identifies as a transgender woman and appears in Hershey’s “her for she” campaign. “It’s humiliating, and it’s the reason that I’m launching Jeremy’s Chocolate.”


Boreing introduced the milk chocolate bar as SheHer and the milk chocolate with nuts as HeHim.

“One of ’em’s got nuts” the Daily Wire CEO said. “If you need me to tell you which one it is, keep giving your money to Hershey’s.”

Boreing instructed viewers to visit if they are “tired of giving [their] money to woke corporations that hate [them]” and simply want a chocolate bar from a company that “actually wants [their] business.”

The product page reads, “some chocolate companies don’t even know what a woman is. But we do.”

“Indulge in the chocolate binary. One with nuts, one without. You know which is which.”

Hershey’s received backlash from fans as social media erupted with #HersheysHatesWomen and #BoycottHersheys. Johnstone, who is a self-described “2SLGBTQUIA+ Advocate,” has previously expressed support for placing biological males who identify as women in women’s prisons.

“The reaction to my inclusion as a trans woman in Hersheys Canada’s IWD campaign shows just how far we still have to go in the fight for feminist liberation and trans rights,” Johnstone wrote in response to critics in a March 2 Twitter thread. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not shutting up. I will always stand up for women and girls, cis and trans.”

Jeremy’s Razors was introduced after former Daily Wire advertiser Harry’s Razors revealed their decision to drop the conservative podcast company in March 2021 over “values misalignment” regarding host Michael Knowles’ comments on gender and transgenderism.

“We condemn the views in this video, which are inexcusable & at odds with our longtime support of the LGBTQ+ community,” Harry’s responded to one user criticizing Knowles. “We’ve ended our relationship with this show & are looking into our sponsorships to prevent any values misalignment going forward.”

The Daily Wire introduced Jeremy’s Razors one year later when they released a three-and-a-half minute advertisement referred to as “The Greatest Commercial Ever.”

The advertisement featured Boreing driving a sports car, playing a concert, and shooting the Harry’s logo with a flamethrower.

“Stop giving your money to woke corporations who don’t think you deserve their product,” says Boreing. “Give it to me instead.”

The Daily Wire’s razor brand has since expanded and introduced other men’s grooming products including shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

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