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Conservative Dad's Ultra Right Beer Introduced Combatting Dylan Mulvaney's Sponsorship By Bud Light

'To The Rest Of You Woke Corporations, Stay The F--- Away From Our Kids'

CEO of Freedom Speaks Up and Conservative Body Seth Weathers revealed a new adult beverage combatting Bud Light’s sponsorship of TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Weathers introduced Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right 100% Woke-Free American Beer in a Wednesday advertisement.

“America’s been drinking beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use,” said Weathers as clips from TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney drinking Bud Light are displayed. “That’s why I created Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right 100% Woke Free Beer.”

“As conservatives, we’re constantly getting hit in the face, left and right, by the woke mind virus,” Weathers continued while walking through a baseball field. “But the last place we want it is in our beer.”

“There’s a new beer in town!” Weathers said.

“If you know which bathroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to woke corporations that hate our values,” Weathers said before swinging a baseball bat at a tee’d up can of Bud Light.

“And to the rest of you woke corporations, stay the f— away from our kids.”

Ultra Right Beer is currently being sold online, though Weathers expressed his intention to sell the adult beverage in stores.

Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right beer is currently in production and will begin shipment in May.

Earlier this month, Mulvaney revealed the TikTok influencer had received sponsorship from Nike Women and Bud Light in a series of Instagram posts.

“I kept hearing about this thing called ‘March Madness,’ and I thought we were all just having a hectic month,” Mulvaney says while opening a can of Bud Light in one of the sponsored videos. “But it turns out it has something to do with sports. And I’m not sure exactly which sport, but either way it’s a cause to celebrate.”

Mulvaney took a sip of the beverage before noting the TikTok influencer had recently celebrated day 365 of womanhood.

“Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever. A can with my face on it,” Mulvaney said as an image of the product appears onscreen with a caption reading “CHEERS TO 365 DAYS OF BEING A GIRL.”

A second video featured Mulvaney laying in a bubble bath with over a dozen Bud Light cans behind him. The TikTok influencer reaches for a can from behind and opens it before dancing while sitting in the tub.

Mulvaney continues dancing before finally sipping the beverage.

Mulvaney has previously received sponsorships from feminine hygiene brand Tampax along with hygiene company Native among others.

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