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Congresswoman Angie Craig Assaulted in DC Apartment Elevator

The Democrat reportedly threw hot coffee on her attacker in self-defense

Congresswoman Angie Craig of Minnesota was attacked while in the elevator of her Washington DC apartment building.

The assailant fled the scene and no arrests have been made. 

“Around 7:15 a.m., Rep. Craig was assaulted in the elevator of her apartment building in Washington DC. Rep. Craig defended herself from the attacker and suffered bruising, but is otherwise physically okay,” Craig’s Chief of Staff Nick Coe said in a statement on Feb. 9.

“There is no evidence that the incident was politically motivated,” said Coe. 

Craig, who called 911, thanked the DC Metropolitan Police Department for their “quick response” and requested “privacy at this time.”

The 50-year-old Democrat is currently serving her third term in the House of Representatives. She represents Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. 

Craig told police that a person who was behaving erratically and appeared to be intoxicated on an “unknown substance” was in her building’s lobby and followed her onto the elevator. According to the police report obtained by Minnesota’s WCCO, the person “began to randomly do push ups” before punching Craig in the face and grabbing her neck. The congresswoman reportedly threw her hot coffee on the attacker to defend herself.

“The assault on Craig comes as members of Congress are facing a high number of threats against them,” reports WCCO. “The U.S. Capitol Police investigated roughly 7,500 cases of potential threats against lawmakers in 2022, the agency said, down from 9,600 cases in 2021 and 8,600 in 2020.”

The United State Capitol Police said Craig has sustained a “minor injury to her chin.”

“This morning a man, who is believed to be homeless, hit the Congresswoman and grabbed her neck while she was in the elevator of her Washington, D.C. apartment complex,” the Capitol Police said in a statement to KAALTV. “At this time, there is no information that the Congresswoman was targeted because of her position, however the case is still under investigation by both the MPD and the USCP.”

DC Metropolitan Police Department data indicates that crime is slightly higher thus far into 2023. A year-to-date comparison indicates a 22% increase in all crimes. Notable upticks include a 22% increase in homicides compared to 2022, a 157% increase in sex abuse, and a 88% increase in motor vehicle theft. However, overall violent crime is down by 15%.  

Craig ultimately joined 30 other Democrats and every House Republican to vote to overturn a DC law that would have reduced the maximum penalties for certain crimes including burglary, carjacking and robbery. 

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