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Communist-Style Street Art Takes Aim at Biden and Fauci in DC

Communist-style street art taking aim at President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared in Washington, DC, over the weekend.

While political street art is common in the district, it is fairly unusual to see it take aim at Democrats as the area is extremely blue.

A former GOP staffer named Leigh Wolf posted images of the street art on Twitter.

“Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC over night. Knowing DC it’ll be ripped down within hours. All must comply! If you know the artist drop it in the replies!” Wolf tweeted.

His tweet quickly proved correct, as he filmed a woman tearing down the posters as he was still there taking photographs.

“Can I ask you why you’re tearing them down?” Wolf asks the woman. “Should all art comply? I mean I don’t understand is it affecting anyone for them to be up?”

“Yes, it’s a public health concern,” the woman says in the video. “It’s alarmism. It is dangerous propaganda … I live in the neighborhood. This is bullsh-t.”

The Washington Examiner reports that posters were also spotted in Glover Park, near the intersection of Calvert St. and Wisconsin Ave.

In one of the posters, Biden is depicted holding a gavel labeled “OSHA” with “comply” written on the side. Another features the president surrounded by masked children and vaccines with the phrase, “Good kids are compliant kids.”

“Mandate! Segregate! Subjugate!” yet another poster reads.

In a poster featuring Fauci, the doctor is seen in a black cloak holding a vaccine with the words “trust the scientism.”

No artist has taken credit for the posters by time of publishing.

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17 responses to “Communist-Style Street Art Takes Aim at Biden and Fauci in DC”

  1. Galtha58 says:

    Where can we buy these posters? I want some and I have friends that would also buy some. How do we find out how to buy some of these to help out the person who made them without doxing them? Many will want to help put these up in their areas. Sounds like a very fun project.

  2. razor1154 says:

    This is what happens when you drive the creatives from your party with your extreme authoritarian rules!

  3. Firefly77777 says:

    That’s cool art!

  4. HerrDoktor says:

    @Tim and team — excellent marketing opportunity here. Posters, T-Shirts, stickers. You’d be a fool to pass it up.

  5. hunt1803 says:

    YES! Lets see them spread all over!

  6. Kr0nWayne says:

    Someone please provide high quality jpgs of these or similar!

  7. Devon says:

    Can say with certainty, if who ever made these came forward and started making them in mass , they could retire after a few months of production

  8. ApecoreBreakdown says:

    Everyone should be able to print thrse and put them up everywhere like the nyc non-compliance signs that are now all over the country.

  9. DanceswithElephants1 says:

    Brilliant to see the artist community is starting to reflect the fears and concerns of the little people. Is WOKE dying?

  10. Please make this art like this available in the store.

  11. GryphonMctitts says:

    Can we please make these into T-shirts? I’d personally buy 3 of them at least.

  12. spike11117 says:

    I want to print these and post these around my local colleges

  13. JeffersonsRepublic says:

    Is there a site to print these out at? There are probably a lot of people who would volunteer to some community service putting these up in their local areas.

  14. TuckR8 says:

    I’d like to know who to credit when I make a poster of this and place it in my yard!

  15. pandusa says:

    “It is dangerous propaganda. It is outside of the hive mind” .
    “It is not of “the body” . (- 60s S Trek Return of the Archons “Landru” episode). It is amazing how many parallels in books and entertainment there are to our current time.
    Wonder who put it up? Yep, that hive of hornets they stirred up maybe heading back in their direction. There may be more than one anvil…

  16. Toratiger says:

    I want these posters in every city in this country