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Comedian Tim Dillon Will Move Podcast To Twitter, Rumble, After YouTube Age Restricts Show

'The Censors Have Gone Completely Insane'

Comedian Tim Dillon said he will start posting episodes of his podcast, The Tim Dillon Show, to Twitter and Rumble.

Dillon revealed his plan after Saturday’s episode, titled “Enjoy The Can,” was age-restricted by YouTube, requiring users to sign in to verify their age before viewing the comedian’s content.

The episode featured the comedian discussing the recent OceanGate Titan submarine which imploded last week killing five people onboard.

The comedian said YouTube’s move to age-restrict the episode on Sunday was “dumb.”

Three episodes of The Tim Dillon Show have been age-restricted for content, including Saturday’s episode #351, April’s episode #344, and January’s episode #332.

“After YouTube has made people sign in to watch the show for the 3rd time I’ve decided to start uploading complete podcast to Twitter and Rumble as well,” Dillon wrote Sunday morning. “I don’t think YouTube is the future for comedy.”

“The censors have gone completely insane.”

In April, Dillon joked about episode #344‘s age restriction saying, “You have to sign in to watch this one on YouTube because Elon hasn’t bought that yet.”

Dillon shared a clip from the episode in which he discussed the death of a teenager who identified as transgender.

The comedian featured an article from The Post Millennial discussing the teenager had died from vaginoplasty complications.

“I guess in a few years we’re gonna be better at this,” the comedian said regarding the teenager’s sex-change operation. “Isn’t that the hope?”

Dillon said he was wasn’t joking, adding: “I genuinely hope getting a vagina in a few years is like nothing.”

“I do not want my son’s p—y infected,” he continued, joking he wanted “better c—s for the ladies.”

“But you want them to be healthy and happy and have the best private parts they can have,” Dillon said. “That can’t be controversial!”

“It can’t be controversial to say, ‘I want my transgender son or daughter to have the best fake private parts they can have!'”

The Tim Dillon Show, which originally started in 2016 under the title Tim Dillon is Going to Hell, features Dillon’s long-form rants on current events. The show was previously co-hosted by comedian Ben Avery, who parted with the show in 2022.

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