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Chaya Raichik of 'Libs Of TikTok' Hits Brian Krassenstein On Pride Comments

Krassenstein: 'Seeing A Man Naked On A Bike Isn't Going To Have Much Of An Impact On Any Kid'

Libs of Tik Tok creator Chaya Raichik responded to Brain Krassenstein’s claim that she was exposing children to nudity by reporting on a pride event.

Raichik originally shared the Post Millennial‘s coverage of a Seattle, Washington Pride event featuring fully-nude adults riding bicycles as children watched from the crowd. Raichik’s repost of the outlet’s video spurred Krassenstein’s criticism.

“Brian is trying to remove that context and equate me reporting on the event to the actual event happening,” Raichik said, calling Krassenstein’s claim “completely ridiculous.”

Raichik said the only thing that would have stopped her from reporting on the event is if the event never took place.

“But it did happen because this is apparently happening in our country now,” she continued. “I feel that it is very important to share it when it’s happening.”

The Libs of TikTok creator referenced Krassenstein’s claim that he is opposed to exposing children to nudity.

“The difference is I, unlike Brian Krassenstein, never ended up defending nudity in front of kids while simultaneously claiming that I’m against it.”

Raichik said neither she or anyone she knew was exposed to nudity as a child.

Krassenstein initially criticized Raichik’s coverage by suggesting she participated in exposing children to fully-nude men by sharing the Post Millennial’s video.

“Libs of TikTok tweeted out a video of naked men on bicycles in order to make a point that naked men on bicycles should not be parading in front of kids (I agree),” Krassenstein wrote. “But in order to make this point, they share a video of naked men on bicycles on Twitter where million[s] of kids can now see this video.”

“Note that I am ONLY sharing a screenshot of the video, and not retweeting it because I actually don’t think that kids should be viewing naked men on bicycles online, unlike Libs of TikTok,” Krassenstein said, noting Twitter allowed children as young as 13 on the platform.

Krassenstein elaborated on his stance by saying a child seeing a naked man on a bike wouldn’t have “much of an impact on any kid.”

“They have likely see their father or bother naked before,” he continued, adding that Raichik sharing the video to “possibly 30 million kids” on the platform was “arguably worse” than seeing the event in person. “There are much much worse things the average kid will see or hear online and offline in a typical week.”

“Brian Krassenstein defends adult men riding around naked and flashing their d—s to kids. Yikes,” Raichik responded to Krassenstein’s argument.

Krassenstein attempted to defend his position in a series of posts saying he saw a man “streak” at a baseball game when he was 9-years-old.

“I thought it was funny and had a hilarious story to tell my friends,” he said of the incident. “It had no impact on me.”

“I certainly wouldn’t take my kids to an event where nudity is present or planned but it’s also not there [sic] end of the world if they saw someone naked in a non sexual way,” Krassenstein continued, claiming he received “multiple threats” stemming from Raichik’s “defamatory” post.

In another post, Krassenstein claimed he was receiving death threats.

“I personally DO NOT support taking kids to events where nudity is present,” he wrote, further attempting to clarify his argument. “I never defended taking kids to events where nudity is present.”

Krassenstein doubled down, saying there was “no evidence” of long term impact on a child’s development if they saw a nude adult on a bike.

“Nudity is part of our society whether you like it or not,” he continued, citing legal public nudity in Kansas and other red states. “There is a difference in sexualizing kids and exposing them to nudity. I have clearly said I am NOT for either.”

He continued:

If you are calling me a “pedo” for stating that I DON’T support taking kids to nude events, and you are then retweeting an uncensored video of naked bicyclists, on a platform where 13-year-olds are free to view your content, then you have a pretty skewed view of the world. LibsofTikTok has exposed thousands of more kids to “lewd” content by tweeting an uncensored video of the event, which has now been viewed close to 10 million times, than any naked bicycle ride has.

In another post, Krassenstein challenged Raichik to debate in a Twitter Space under “whatever terms she sees fit.”

“If she’s so confident in what she said I’m sure she will love to talk about it in front of thousands of people, right?” Krassenstein said.

On Wednesday, Raichik shared a post with a screenshot showing she had “muted” Krassenstein’s name from her Twitter feed.

“I’ve got things to do,” Raichik wrote.

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