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Comedian and Musician Chad Prather Joins Baste Records

'With Chad Prather Joining The Label, Baste Records Showcases Its Commitment To Promoting Music That Resonates With Conservative Values'

Comedian and musician Chad Prather has signed with Nashville-based Baste Records.

Baste Records, founded by Matthew Azrieli, is a newly established music label dedicated to promoting anti-woke and conservative artists.

“With Chad Prather joining the label, Baste Records showcases its commitment to promoting music that resonates with conservative values. Prather, a household name, refuses to self-censor and compromise his patriotic convictions,” Baste Records wrote in a press release.

Prather is known for his blend of country music and comedy, along with hosting The Chad Prather Show on Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV since 2019.

“These guys from Baste, they came to me months ago and they said ‘here’s what we’re trying to do,'” Prather said of his partnership with Baste Records. “I said it’s a hell of a vision. I think it’s great.”

Prather said he warned the record company would be “attacked at every turn,” adding he loved the company was named Baste as a play on the term “based” typically used to refer to something as “traditional” or “normal.”

“They just said ‘listen, we want to create something that can’t be cancelled,'” Prather continued noting he was previously cancelled, deplatformed and demonetized. “I’ve consistently chased after people and platforms that say ‘listen, we’re not gonna censor you, we’re not gonna pull you back, we’re not gonna call you on the carpet. We want you to say exactly what’s in your mind, what’s in your heart, what you’re feeling.'”

“I believe if you know who you are, and you know where you’re going,” he continued. “If you have a sense of identity, you’ve got a sense of destiny, you truly will leave something behind. That’s legacy.”

“I think that Baste Records is gonna do something for posterity’s sake that maybe a couple generations from now they’re gonna look back and say, ‘I’m sure glad these guys did this.'”

In June, Baste Records signed a deal with singer and songwriter Brad Skistimas, who appears under the stage name Five Times August.

The single song deal will also feature former drummer of The Offspring Pete Parada.

“We are thrilled to welcome Five Times August to the Baste Records family,” said Baste Records CEO Matthew Azrieli in a statement per the Post Millennial. “Brad Skistimas has a unique ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners, and we are honored to support and amplify his artistic vision.”

“We believe that this partnership will lead to extraordinary musical experiences and open up new horizons for Five Times August.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Baste Records on this upcoming single release. Their reputation for excellence and commitment to nurturing artists aligns perfectly with my artistic goals. I can’t wait to share this new music with the world and embark on this exciting journey with Baste Records,” Skistimas said of the deal.

Baste Records is a “platform for conservative musicians and artists to reach a wider audience and share their beliefs and values through their music,” according to their website.

The record company further describes itself as an alternative to the “mainstream music industry [which] is often dominated by liberal or progressive values.”

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