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Canadian Government Funds 'Drag Summer Camp' For Children 7-Years-Old Up To 17

'Parents, Ask Yourself, What’s The Difference Between What You Wear At Home Versus What You Wear At Work? You’re Doing Drag Honey, You Just Don’t Know It!'

Carousel Theater For Young People, a Canadian funded organization located in Vancouver, is hosting a “Drag Summer Camp” in July.

Carousel Theater for Young People will host a total of two drag camps in conjunction with their “Drag Summer Camp” event.

Junior Drag Camp will host children between ages seven and eleven for $460 and Teen Drag Camp will host youth ages 12-17 for $900. The camps will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. between July 4-7.

The events are funded by provincial, federal, and local governments.

“Do you enjoy expressing yourself through clothing, makeup and performance? Do you have an alter ego that is just waiting to hit the stage? Our new two week senior Drag Camp might be just your cup of tea, honey!” reads the website. “Led by some of Vancouver’s established and emerging drag artists, you’ll learn how to access your inner confidence, show your true colours, and maybe even let out that inner diva! Join some of Vancouver’s most amazing drag artists and learn how drag can brighten up your life!”

“You might be wondering, is drag for kids? Drag is for everyone! Parents, ask yourself, what’s the difference between what you wear at home versus what you wear at work? You’re doing drag honey, you just don’t know it!”

Children attending “Drag Summer Camp” will be provided with a “Drag Makeup Starter Kit,” according to the website.

Transgender and non-binary Canadians: You matter. Your lives matter. And we’ll keep working – on #TransDayOfVisibility and every day – to make sure you can live your life as your true and authentic self. You deserve nothing less than that,” wrote Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday.

The Canadian government has provided nearly $281,000 in federal funding since 2018, per the Post Millennial. Other notable organizations supporting “Drag Summer Camp” include Granville Island and Canada Council for the Arts.

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