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California’s Democratic Party Is In Desperate Need Of A Reality Check

By all means, if you believe that the separate arrangement of girls’ and boys’ toys in retail stores is the most pressing issue California faces, keep voting for the Democrats. A record number of crises are happening on the Dems’ watch: homelessness, mismanagement-induced wildfires, planned blackouts, the rubber stamping of job-killing laws like AB5, rising crime, and lockdowns that have inflicted economic carnage. To say nothing of the Golden State’s highest-in-the-nation poverty rate, economic stagnation outside of the affluent corners of the Bay Area, and inequality in inland California that has earned it the nickname of “Appalachia of the West.”

And here comes the mantra of the same Dem leaders who voted your jobs away: “Blame Republicans First.”

It’s been said that if you repeat a lie over and over again, people will come to believe it. Considering the California Democratic Party’s decade-old stranglehold over the state legislature, it’s a bit rich of the affluent Bay Area-backed politicians to claim that the state’s woes are the fault of Republicans. It is notable that Democrats have controlled the California State Senate for half a century. Considering that the California of 1970 was an engine of economic expansion across the state (compared to today’s dependency on Big Tech and finance industries in NorCal), it suggests Dems have little to show for it.

Today the political landscape in California is essentially run and managed by public sector unions. As seen in other states, many unions have become political operators rather than advocates for their membership, to the extent that disgruntled members of at least one union have opted for change. The California chapter of the Service Employees International Union’s election of Richard Louis Brown as president signifies a shift away from business as usual given his promise to end political donations and endorsements.

Back at the family-owned and operated ranches, the governor’s decision to shut off water has left Central Valley farmers in the dust. Nine decades ago Oklahomans fled the Dust Bowl in the Sooner State for brighter pastures in the Golden State, which symbolized freedom and opportunity. Los Angeles, which began life as an oil town and became a global manufacturing, entertainment, aerospace, and creative powerhouse, has stagnated from poor leadership and lack of attention from the state government. Arguably Los Angeles’ greatest mayor in the modern era was none other than Republican Richard Riordan who won in a 1993 upset and was re-elected on the basis of declining crime and other successes. In 2021, violent crime is making a comeback across the state as businesses suffer due to stringent lockdowns.

With all of the Newsom administration’s failures, must Californians suck it up and take their lumps and losses until 2022? The Los Angeles Times appears to believe so, claiming “the correct answer is a strong, unequivocal no” to the September 14th recall. With more and more disastrous hardships emerging under the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento, Golden Staters are getting fed up. To Californians suffering from planned blackouts, droughts, lockdowns, job-killing laws, and homelessness, the recall looks more and more like a just cause every single day.

The upcoming recall vote has been portrayed as everything from a waste of taxpayer dollars to a coup d’etat. The California Dems have had every opportunity to present an alternative candidate like former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who ran in 2018 on a platform of empowering regions of California that have been left behind. True, there are more Los Angeles residents in poverty than the entire population of San Francisco, yet the Bay Area billionaires keep getting the candidates they want.

If the recall succeeds and the Golden State gets a governor who responds to the aforementioned crises, the recall will be money well spent.

A book about California’s current woes could fill enough pages to rival Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Yet Newsom will face the voters next month in the ides of September. To recall or not to recall? That is the (first) question.

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10 responses to “California’s Democratic Party Is In Desperate Need Of A Reality Check”

  1. UppityG says:

    Robert T Wood, does some writing for Human Events as well? Welcome. Nice op-ed to start with here, in agreement with you. I look forward to more here and at HE.

  2. UppityG says:


  3. Ldyhorse says:

    Latest from Grusome (lol) he’s trying to bribe the voters with a stimulus. What an ass.

  4. Devilsgun says:

    California is where the cancer cell human scum that wreak havoc in the national body politique come from, specifically that septic shithole San Francisco.

    They’ve metastasized into Colorado as well, turning our once glorious and beautiful state into a whorish, rotting abomination lead by the deluded wokecunts of Denver and Boulder into a living Hell for those of us who aren’t psychotic asshole transplants… “Price the yokels out, they don’t vote correctly anyways”, that’s always the answer that the “Educated, Open-minded White Urban Progressive Saviors” have for the “Ignorant Flyover State Redneck Nobody Problem ” when they invade and rape a new victim-state.

    God, if you ever decide to cleanse this living human shit from our world in order to restore sanity, please at least let me live long enough to watch these fucks burn for their sins. After that I’ll be fine with whatever you have in store for me as well. Just a few sweet hours of schadenfreude, seeing the cunts knocked from their high horses and dragging themselves broken through the streets…

  5. BLACKSTAR says:

    Vote for Larry Elder to give California a semblence of a chance.His policy proposals make common sense, unlike everything Newsom has done so far.

  6. Merdrah says:

    Why go that far? Save money and use SF Bay. Plenty of room on the bottom.

  7. saccaed says:

    Last vote I will have in the state is for the recall. I stayed to long, and welcome leaving. The state is not going to find some easy recovery even if changes are made. Too many bureaucrats and incumbent need to be ousted for any quick turn around. California is a beautiful shithole brimming with deluded fanatics that oppress a sparse rural population to satisfy their own selfish utopia.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    They’re not in need of a reality check, they’re in need of a ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

  9. Skynet0225 says:

    Bleach is not enough. They need full exposure to a Gamma Ray Burst to sterilize all leftist political life in the Bay Area and L.A. Basin. I retired in July of 2020 and promptly fled the state for Texas. Couldn’t be happier.

  10. Maiafay says:

    They just need to bleach the state at this point.

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