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California Student Blasts School Board Over Boys Being Allowed in Girls' Spaces After Transgender Teen Assaults Female Student

'Why don’t we ever get a say in whether or not we are comfortable with this?'

A California high school student has blasted her local school board over boys being allowed into girls’ restrooms and locker rooms after a transgender student brutally assaulted a female student.

The incident was caught on video and went massively viral.

The transgender student involved in the incident is a biological male who identifies as female. In addition to the assault, he has been accused of spitting on female students and flashing his penis in the girls’ locker room.

Megan Simpkins, an 18-year-old student at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California, spoke out about the assault during a school board meeting last Thursday.

“There was an incident within our district that occurred recently regarding a transgender woman, who really is a biological man, having an altercation with a young woman at MLK High School,” Simpkins told the board.

“It was infuriating when I had seen the video on social media, but what was detrimental to this is the fact that this man is and has been using the women’s restroom and locker room,” she continued.

Simpkins asked why the school is “affirming the mental confusion of this boy and putting the safety of women in jeopardy by allowing mentally confused men to use women’s spaces.”

“Of course, any male who claims he is a woman will accept it, but what about the women? What about the true girls like myself who are females down to our DNA? Why don’t we ever get a say in whether or not we are comfortable with this?” she asked. “The truth is we aren’t, the majority of us aren’t, and yet nothing has been done to protect the safety of these women. I will conclude with this: It all starts with you. You are in charge of the safety of us women.”

Simpkins concluded by telling the board to “do something about it.”

The Riverside Unified School District said in a statement that the student was expelled after the assault.

“Since the incident occurred, District staff has been working to ensure the safety and rights of all students are considered and promptly responded to. We are able to verify that the student involved will no longer be attending King High School,” the school district said in a statement. “We encourage those who have taken interest in this story to respect the confidential nature of our specific discussions with those involved and the efforts we will continue to make to ensure we provide an appropriate learning environment for each student as required by law.”

The statement did not address the policy of allowing biological men and boys into female spaces.

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