British Primary School's Video Scrutinized After Complaints About 'Sea of Aggressive White Faces'

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

Flakefleet Primary School closed its Twitter account temporarily after its video in support of England during Euro 2020 was attacked by a woke mob online. 

The video, set to Fat Les’ chart hit Vindaloo, shows the young students smiling and marching around their campus. They are wearing red and white and waving their nation’s flag. Some are dressed as knights with their armor emboldened by the Saint George’s Cross.

The song was originally recorded for the FIFA World Cup in 1998.

Within 24 hours, the school’s video had been viewed over 100,000 times. 

According to The Daily Mail, one commenter described the children as “a sea of aggressive white faces” and said “Poor kids, already brainwashed.” 

Another said, “It’s disgusting behaviour these children are being pressed to participate in by the school. I have a 7 year old child. I absolutely do not want her to be exposed to this mindless hooliganism.” 

Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood Cat Smtih said that “having visited Flakefleet School last week I can tell you it’s an exceptional primary school under strong leadership and they consistently inspire the young people who are lucky enough to attend. One of the nicest things the school does, which gives the public insight into what they do, are these videos with the children around current events.” 

“Are there no depths to which these finger-wagging killjoys won’t stoop?” said Toby Young of the Campaign for Free Speech Movement. “I daresay that if these children had painted their faces with the flag of the European Union — or the Danish flag — the same scolds would have congratulated the school on teaching the children a valuable lesson about the international brotherhood of man.” 

The school suspended its Twitter account for 24 hours but has since restored its profile.  

Head teacher David McPartlin has the video on his personal Twitter page and included a link to the full video on YouTube. 

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