BREAKING: DeSantis Signs 'Parents Bill of Rights' to Give Families More Control Over Education

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed the “Parents Bill of Rights” that will give families more control over what their children are taught in government funded schools.

The bill, HB 241, allows parents to “direct the education and care of his or her minor child,” including a right to “access and review all school records” related to the students.

The text of the bill asserts that parents have right to direct the upbringing and the moral or religious training of their minor child, the right to access and review all school records and medical records of their child, and the right to make health care decisions for their minor child (unless otherwise prohibited by law).

The left was outraged over the bill, as it will allow parents to opt-out of their children being exposed to controversial issues, including any LGBTQ or sex education classes. They will also be permitted to opt-out of certain vaccines.

LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida said that the bill is dangerous because it “could compel schools to out LGBTQ youth who face unsupportive or dangerous home environments.”

“What we are seeing is government power is slowly encroaching and expanding. It will do so until the parents assert the rights that they have, but they have to know what those rights are in order to assert them,” Senate sponsor Ray Rodrigues said in April.

DeSantis has been on a mission to reform the education system in his state.

Earlier this month, the firebrand governor signed a bill that will require high schools in the state to teach students the “evils of Communism and Totalitarian ideologies.”

“We have a number of people in Florida, particularly southern Florida, who’ve escaped totalitarian regimes, who’ve escaped communist dictatorships to be able to come to America. We want all students to understand the difference, why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters, say leaving from Cuba to come to southern Florida. Why would somebody leave a place like Vietnam? Why would people leave these countries and risk their life to be able to come here. It’s important students understand that,” DeSantis said.

That same day, DeSantis signed HB 233, which seeks to protect the freedom of speech on campuses by requiring colleges and universities to conduct annual assessments on the “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” at their institutions. It also prohibits the State Board of Education from shielding students, staff and faculty from certain speech.

“You have orthodoxies that are promoted, and other viewpoints are shunned or even suppressed,” DeSantis said while signing HB 233. “We don’t want that in Florida, you need to have a true contest of ideas, students should not be shielded from ideas and we want robust First Amendment speech on our college and university campuses.”

A few weeks prior to those bills, DeSantis banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in Florida schools, saying “we do not want curriculum that is judging students based on their race and we do not want false history like you see with the 1619 Project.”

On June 1, he signed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act — which states that “an athletic team or sport that is designated for females, women, or girls may not be open to students of the male sex, based on the student’s biological sex listed on the student’s official birth certificate at the time of birth.” The far-left Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation announced on Wednesday that they have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the District Court for the Southern District of Florida, to challenge the law.

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  1. UppityG says:

    We home schooled our girl (she’s grown) and we’re so relieved we did, and so is she.

  2. UppityG says:

    Fairbanks is a good egg. I look forward to more, esp on the upcoming 2.0.

  3. TLE03 says:

    I lived in Illinois then in Rhoude Island for a while and finally in florida. And I only been here a few years and he is already the best governor I have ever had

  4. Nyarlethotep says:

    Thanks Cassandra!

  5. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    I don’t live in America, but I love this guy. Going back to common-sense policies and ignoring all the extremist bullshit that has been forced on you by a more and more radical and insane left. He’s far more presidential then the currently installed POTUS is in any way you care to look at it. He would be a good candidate for POTUS in your next elections if for some reason, Trump does not run – or is PREVENTED from running somehow. (I would not put it past them to try to make a law stating that Trump SPECIFICALLY is now no longer allowed to run – they are that insane)

  6. Floridaboy99 says:

    We are so proud and blessed to have Ron DeSantis as our Governor here in Florida!! God Bless America and God Bless Florida!!

  7. Rjackson says:

    Great article

  8. Danno2112 says:

    Love this article Cassandra! Keep up the great work. I wish I could share it to facebook

  9. RatherDashing says:

    Love me some DeSantis. Make America Florida.

  10. Rohanhub says:

    The comment endangering a lgbt youth to a family is just nuts. Let’s be real, the school is not the one to judge whether a parent is supportive or not. Let’s be real, if a parent is sending a kid to public school and isn’t concerned about there education, they already are unsupportive…

  11. MaineWolf says:

    My kids will be homeschooled and hopefully my friends kids. CRT isn’t the only bane in the edu system, poverty & Lesia Fair parenting corrode our foundations. Witless teachers push CRT and terrible parents let their kiddos destroy the learning environment. Unnatural selection will be the demise of our youth. Social media, bad nutrition and loser trophies don’t help. Struggle to succeed and learn in your mistakes.

  12. CrispyBacon says:

    California will not be pleased by this.

  13. Williamsr says:

    In Missouri my nieces and nephews are all in home school programs because of the public education system. If I ever have kids homeschool is the only school.

  14. AUDREK says:

    California doesn’t want to let my Children go. It is sick. In Utah my dogs will be the educators and do a better job. Power to the people!

  15. AUDREK says:

    Dahhhhhhhhh hahahahahabaaha! Goteeem! This is funny. Bruce Gender is the answer for sure.

  16. SuperTired says:

    Seems like Florida’s got it made right now, can we get some more of that here in Texas?

  17. mannyu78 says:

    FL Proud of our Governor

  18. Mattattack says:

    It’s cool parents are finally standing up against a crazy educational cult.

  19. Shouting_Parrot says:

    Thanks Cassandra for the well written article!

  20. Bacchus369 says:

    I live in Oregon about 20 minutes from Portland. Jo Ann Hardesty, Ted Wheeler, and Kate Brown are a plague. How do we spread DeSantism to the rest of the country?

  21. R.Johnson says:

    I wish DeSantis would help states build a new republic and lead us in seceding from the defunct quagmire that used to be the USA.

  22. MontyLalado says:

    DeSantis fucks!

  23. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    So wait, the left is worried about the gay and gender dysphoric students they’ve created via indoctrination on social media being outed? I thought you’re supposed to have PrIdE in being a deviant?

  24. PimTool says:

    fuck yes thank u desantis if only our governor had some balls in Cali… oh wait she will! 😂😂😂😂😂