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Blake Masters Concedes Arizona Senate Race To Mark Kelly

'That's What Happens When You Take On The National Democratic Machine, The Media, The Universities, Big Tech, And Woke Corporations'

On Tuesday, Blake Masters conceded his Senate race to incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly following his loss in last week’s midterm election.

“I called and congratulated Mark Kelly this morning,” said Masters on Tuesday. “There were obviously a lot of problems with this election, but there is no path forward in my race.”

“To the thousands of people who helped on my campaign, who made calls, knocked doors, wrote postcards, donated, and hosted events — thank you,” Masters said. “To every patriot who voted — thank you. and I especially want to thank my incredible wife Catherine, my parents, and my boys. The campaign trail is not easy for families.”

Masters continued:

We cannot afford to have another election cycle like these midterms. Republicans are the underdogs now. I was outspent by $70 million. That’s what happens when you take on the national Democratic machine, the media, the universities, Big Tech, and woke corporations. So Republicans need to start thinking like underdogs. No more consultant one-size-fits-all strategies. We have to build on what works, scrap what doesn’t. The vast majority of people agree this country is headed in the wrong direction — we have to reach them.

“I believe in Arizona and I believe in America,” Masters concluded. “We can still save our home. We just have to fight harder and smarter… because we’re running out of time.”

“I think Arizonans deserve [much] better, and when Kari Lake is Governor they’re gonna get it,” said Masters during a Friday appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson regarding voting complications in Maricopa County wherein 20-30% of tabulating machines went down on Election Day. “I will leave it to the viewer to decide whether it is just malice or whether it is gross incompetence,”

“But clearly Mitch McConnell cares about Mitch McConnell and less about his Senate majority or the people of America,” Masters continued turning his criticism towards the Senate Minority Leader. “I think we need a change, that’s why I ran for office and one way or another change is coming.”

Masters’ defeat was proceeded by Kari Lake’s projected loss to Democrat Katie Hobbs on Monday night.

“Arizonans know BS when they see it,” said Lake in a late Monday tweet appearing to suggest she suspected voter fraud.

“Do you think this is normal guys?” Lake asked reporters during a press conference on Election Day addressing reported complications experienced in Maricopa County.

“My question is, do you think what’s happening here in Maricopa County is normal?” Lake continued. “I woke up this morning, and within minutes of the polls opening up, I started getting people calling, voters in tears, calling my personal number, saying, ‘What’s going on? The tabulators aren’t working. They told me to put my ballot into a box and they would drive it downtown to count it.’ This is not normal stuff.”

Lake has not conceded to Hobbs as of Tuesday Evening.

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