Black Lives Matter Leaders Who Met With White House Are Upset That They Aren't Getting What They Wanted

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Black Lives Matter leaders who met with members of the Biden administration earlier this year are upset that their recommendations for police reform are not being followed.

Leaders from the activist group released a statement saying that President Joe Biden should be listening more to the communities that “so strongly supported Biden-Harris during last year’s election.”

In the statement provided to CNBC, the organization said that they are particularly upset with proposals that would give police departments more funding — the opposite of their stated aim of “defunding the police.”

“Leaders from Black Lives Matter met with White House officials earlier this year to discuss our policy agenda, and while we appreciate the chance to talk with them, we are surprised by their lack of progress on issues that matter to Black people, the same communities that so strongly supported Biden-Harris during last year’s election,” the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told CNBC.

The CNBC reported noted that “the meeting and its aftermath indicate that Black Lives Matter and the Biden team are headed for a standoff. It’s also a sign that Black Lives Matter may not have as much influence in the Biden White House as the group had hoped.”

Biden recently approved states being able to pull from the $350 billion in stimulus funds to provide extra funding to police departments — as well as new policies that will help curb the major uptick in crime taking place in cities across the nation. Naturally, neither of these moves have left the far-left activists very pleased.

“And now we see the President arguing for increased spending on police rather than investing in housing, education, climate preparedness and healthcare,” Black Lives Matter’s statement continued. “This is no time to return to the dangerous days of the tough-on-crime fear-mongering of the 1990s when more cops were placed in our neighborhoods, rather than services that improve lives and keep Black communities safe.”

Unfortunately for BLM, they may be losing quite a bit of their political bargaining power, as opposition to the movement has been on the rise since last summer’s riots. Currently, 42 percent of the nation opposes the movement, while 46 percent support it.

Prior to the chaos sparked by the death of George Floyd, the movement had been pretty consistent in having only 30-35 percent opposition.

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16 responses to “Black Lives Matter Leaders Who Met With White House Are Upset That They Aren’t Getting What They Wanted”

  1. FergusonRage says:

    There aren’t enough independents to vote that way, and would the system even allow that again or would we see another 2020 election kerfuffle.

  2. Deadbeat116 says:

    Politicians will say anything to get elected. These activists got duped.

  3. Well, IF black folks would give up the ones who make the police necessary in the first place, ONLY THEN could less police be a potentially feasible idea, but we all know the likelihood of that, don’t we???

  4. Magster73 says:

    BLM didn’t really think Biden would listen and do what they want did they? What they need to realize is that they were used to win an election. And the ONLY reason those Democrat cities LET them riot and create “no go zones” was to get President Trump out of office. And SHIT like this is why I’m an Independent voter.

  5. Marcos says:

    They’re like terrorists, huh?!

  6. jacobmeacham says:

    “We want less police in our neighborhoods!” shouts the people who voted for the author of the 94 crime bill who put more police in their neighborhoods

  7. Kevinc183 says:

    Are they upset? Is it because we told them this would happen and they were being useful idiots and now they realize that we were right and they got left behind?

  8. TheDarkworld says:

    Gonna go ahead and say it: There is a clear distinction between people that are black and “Black people”. I don’t like the latter. If you view yourself as pigment first you’re othering yourself; don’t blame humans.

  9. Turk_Longwell says:

    My opinion here is not relevant.

  10. JRizzo says:

    I suppose now just “idiots”?

  11. JRizzo says:

    Who would of thought that the author of the Crime bills that put millions of black men in prison would rescind on a promise made to garner support during an election cycle? I’m so surprised/s

  12. LittleSavedGirl says:

    Just another pawn ♟ in this game Biden talks about , that’s what these career politicians think , that we’re playing a game !

  13. Gorilla56 says:

    It’s shameful that the any politician would meet with a group that advocates for violence, expounds overthrowing our government and basses their existence on lies.

  14. A.J. says:

    To quote Tom McDonald, “There’s a race war here, elections based on fear. Black Lives only matter once every 4 years.”

    The man speaks truth. Though I am still baffled at how many people don’t understand that 4 years thing is a reference to the presidential elections.

  15. GingerGoat says:

    I can’t say that I’m surprised

  16. NONCOMPLIANT says:

    The term “USEFUL IDIOT” comes to mind!