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'Billboard Chris' Details Past Three Years Advocating Against Medical Gender Transitions For Children

'If You’re Getting Attacked, Good. You’re Supposed To Be. Cherish The Hate ... Embrace It And Do More Of The Work Which Brought It About'

Activist Chris Elston, who goes by “Billboard Chris,” detailed physical assaults by transgender activists over the last three years of his work.

Elston gained prominence appearing in public wearing signs with statements critical of mainstream liberal sentiments — most notably one statement asserting, “Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers.”

Billboard Chris has been physically assaulted on multiple occasions by critics during several public appearances.

Elston referred to medical gender transition of children as “the worst child abuse scandal in modern medicine history.”

“A little bit of violence is not that big of a deal when you compare this to what’s going on with kids. So I’ll take it,” Elston told Fox News Digital.

Elston detailed being attacked by over six Antifa members in Montreal, Canada, revealing he has also been punched over a dozen times, had his arm broken along with having his equipment vandalized. Elston has also been arrested twice by police following previous assaults.

“We need to stop worrying about haters, lying media, and beta males with violent streaks, and realize this is a war,” Elston wrote in a Twitter post.

“If you’re getting attacked, good. You’re supposed to be. Cherish the hate. Don’t cry about it. Embrace it and do more of the work which brought it about,” Elston wrote in another post.

Billboard Chris said he became involved with his activism after learning doctors were prescribing puberty blockers to minors with gender dysphoria in 2019.

Through his research, Elston detailed most patients prescribed puberty blockers were autistic, had been victims of sexual abuse or had other severe mental health comorbidities.

“We need to stop being afraid. We have a total righteous cause on our side. We shouldn’t be sterilizing children and cutting off their body parts,” Elston said. “It’s not controversial at all.”

He continued:

A big part of this for me is our freedom of speech. We should be able to talk about anything, but we should especially be able to talk about issues that are harming kids, causing irreversible damage to children. [S]o my question always is, why can’t we talk about this? If you’re on the side of truth and science and love, why can’t you have a simple conversation? This is like a cult that’s permeated all of society. But who we really need to reach are the moderates, because a lot of them still don’t know what’s going on.

“My number one demographic, which supports me when I’m out on the street, are Black men, followed very closely by White men and Black women, I would say, and the Hispanic community. This is primarily being pushed by White leftists. So people of color are not supporting this ideology at all.”

Billboard Chris also noted the Muslim community showed some of the biggest efforts pushing back against gender ideology.

“They’re not afraid to talk about this because this goes against their religion,” he said, noting Christian leaders were “failing miserably.”

“Christians and their pastors are failing miserably. These pastors aren’t leading anybody, but the Muslim community is getting very outraged.”

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