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Biden Slammed For 'Meaningless' Cuba Sanctions

President Biden announced his plans to sanction Cuba regime officials and entities on Thursday, a move that was criticized for being “meaningless” and merely “symbolic.”

Politico reported, “The sanctions target Alvaro Lopez Miera, the head of the armed forces in Cuba, and the Cuban Ministry of the Interior’s Special National Brigade, known as the ‘black berets,’ for their involvement in the crackdown after historic protests in more than 40 cities across the island.”

Rubio tweeted Friday, “Biden sanctioning an already sanctioned regime official in Cuba is the kind of symbolic but meaningless measure we will continue to see as long as @POTUS is being advised by people who were drinking mojitos in Havana in 2015 to celebrate the Obama policy.”

“At the end of the day, the key here is to go after the loyalty and the confidence of those in the security apparatus in Cuba,” Rubio said in an interview with MSNBC.

“Is it enough? No,” Rubio added. “I think there are other things that need to be done.”

Experts confirmed the idea that the sanctions are meaningless.

“I actually don’t think they have any significance,” Jose Gabilondo, a law professor at Florida International University, told the Daily Mail. “I think their goal is to appease part of Joe Biden’s would-be electorate because he did poorly in Florida.”

“There were already a quite complex set of sanctions in place,” Gabilondo added. “It’s kabuki politics.”

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  1. HookDriver says:

    Sorry for the typos.

  2. HookDriver says:

    You guys should make these titles more accurate. RINOs and so called conservative magazines tonight comments as action when it is not. These changes moments are virtually meaningless.

    You should tithe it “RINOs pay lip service to Biden malfeasance while doing nothing to actually stop it”. Change Biden malfeasance to whatever and that’s pretty much your title for every article, till the GOP grows a pair.

  3. UppityG says:

    Xiden 🤡 is simply waving his hands around, smiling and mugging, and uttering meaningless palaver, you say? This is my shocked face: 😄