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Biden Claims 'You're Not Gonna Get COVID' If You Have Been Vaccinated

During a town hall on Wednesday night, President Biden claimed that people who have received vaccines will not get COVID-19 — after fully vaccinated White House officials have recently been infected with the virus.

“The various shots that people are getting now cover that,” Biden said. “You’re okay. You’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

Biden’s statements come after multiple fully vaccinated Democrat lawmakers and White House officials have become infected with the virus, beginning with the Texas Democrats who fled their state to stop legitimate democratic processes. The Texas Democrats first met with a Pelosi staffer who became infected.

“The Pelosi staffer helped usher a delegation of Democratic Texas lawmakers around the Capitol last week. Six of those lawmakers, who flew to Washington to block the Texas legislature from changing the state’s voting laws, have since tested positive,” Axios reported. Shortly afterward, a White House official was also infected after meeting with the Pelosi staffer.

“Both that staffer and the White House official were at the same rooftop reception at the Eaton DC hotel last Wednesday night.” Axios continued. “The White House official has not had any recent direct contact with President Biden. The Pelosi aide did not have any contact with the speaker since that person’s exposure.”

White House Press Secretary later announced that “There have been” additional White House officials who contracted the virus after the Texas Democrats’ visit.

While the vaccines are very strong against preventing infection, it is still possible – although typically the “breakthrough” infections have been very mild.

“Despite the power of Covid-19 vaccines in cutting the risk of hospitalization and death from the disease, fully vaccinated people can get very sick and die from the virus in rare cases. Those individuals tend to be older than 65 or have weakened immune systems or other severe medical conditions,” NBC News reported.

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