Arizona State University Student Harassed for Studying While White in a 'Multicultural Space'

An Arizona State University student was aggressively confronted and filmed for studying while white and having a pro-police sticker on his laptop in a “multicultural space.”

At one point in the now-viral video, the student is accused of “violence” over the sticker.

“This is our space,” one of the women filming the young man demands. “You’re making this space uncomfortable.”

“You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space is?” the women continue berating the soft-spoken student.

After implying that white people are not allowed in the multicultural center, another student asks “white’s not a culture?” prompting the women to become even more agitated and demand that it is not.

The women filming also accuse the student of being racist over the sticker. He politely explained that he was not trying to offend anyone and was just trying to study.

“This offends us automatically because these people kill people like me and like us, you’re promoting our murderers,” one of the women replied. They went on to claim that the slogan supporting police is “affiliated with white nationalists.”

The student who was being attacked finally gets fed up and informs the bullies that he is working 60 hours a week while going to school because his parents do not just give him money.

“I was just studying, I pay the same f-cking tuition as you do,” the student says as they continue to demand that he leave.

After yelling at and berating the young man for several minutes, they complain that he had the audacity to cuss at them, which apparently is not allowed, because of the color of their skin. “Cussing out black people, you just proved yourself,” one of the women declares.

Eventually, the bullies got their way and the “white male” students left.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene commented on the video saying that it is “racism & harassment” and that the school should “punish the girls who did this.”

Watch the full video on one of the women’s Instagram accounts here.

Timcast has reached out to ASU to ask if the students will face disciplinary action for the racial harassment. We will update this story if a comment is provided.

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14 responses to “Arizona State University Student Harassed for Studying While White in a ‘Multicultural Space’”

  1. softly says:

    Young women! Stop dividing us up. How many times has my male adult child been divided up by young women like this!? A sticker? Violence? Not actually!

  2. softly says:

    My “White” son was told these same ideas. We are not white. We are American. We have diverse roots. We are born here. We have not colonized america. We are French, English, Scottish, German, Irish, Swedish, on the European side and also Mexican, African and Native American in the history of our blood line. America’s melting pot is something to be proud of and everyone fits in to the multi cultural center. We are free to have places like this in America is what those young women need to realize. Do they realize that the basis of their views on race come out of places where women have no rights or honor?
    Many police are honorable people and many have brown or black skin. And are also American. I heard the one young woman say ‘fuck america’s. God, bless these young women and America. In Jesus name, amen.

  3. Brandon_Baucom says:

    Man it’s almost like turning race issues into social media trends enflamed tensions and made idiots like these women think that this looks good to normal functioning people

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Hey blacks, do better

  5. Mattattack says:

    Racist females harassing two white men. No bueno

  6. NavyWhale says:

    What a bunch of ignorant fools those girls are.

  7. Turk_Longwell says:

    Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. = [email protected]

  8. Turk_Longwell says:

    Just more of their word definition changing. It’s tiresome.

  9. Cjxjman says:

    Lets just hope that this school will hold those two students to the same rules for everyone. They obviously where harassing this other student. What ever the punishment is for this needs to be applied. Possibly they need to be charged with a hate crime. Isn’t that what the laws are for? Stopping hate?

  10. prcntm says:

    You’re mistake was being raised at a time when critical thinking was a standard instead of a detriment.

  11. Kullhowerd says:

    Also I just thought about it and how is multi culturalism NOT all diferent cultures holding hands? I’m 35, I’m a product of the 90’s and to my knowledge all cultures holding hands is exactly what multi culturalism is.

  12. Kullhowerd says:

    Wow! That’s some strange stuff.

  13. CptOverkill says:

    Black kids supporting segregation. Genius.

  14. Maiafay says:

    Babies having a little leftist tantrum. These dumb girls need to be disciplined for bullying other students. This pisses me off so much. Whites don’t have culture? So Russians, Polish, Germans, English, Scottish, Irish and a bunch I didn’t name aren’t cultures?

    What a bunch of race-baiting sniveling brats.

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